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Friday, April 24, 2009

Watching World Championship; Maple Leaf Pub tomorrow night

A couple of items:

First of all, if you're into checking out the IIHF World Championships in Switzerland, AeroFinn points us to some places online to watch and Fred figured out how to watch over the air. No tech support here, just giving a kick-start.

Apparently the games are showing in the US on Universal Sports, which almost nobody anywhere gets, but apparently it's on the over the air station 39.2. Last time I watched TV over the air, there were no decimals in the channel numbers, so I have no idea what that means or how to access it. All I know is my DirecTV ain't got it.

From AeroFinn:
For Olvecky: all the Slovakian games in here http://www.stv.sk/live/?3

And most other games(also SVK) through here:

You can find several options through the latter, had to try a few before I got one working.

Starting times at 9:15am and 1:15pm Houston time.
Here's the schedule of games. I don't really understand it but maybe you do.


Just a reminder that the game in Peoria Saturday night starts at 7:00 p.m.

Listen on the radio, pay $8 to watch on AHL Live, or head to the Maple Leaf Pub in beautiful midtown, and buy me and my beautiful new Clutterbuck jersey a birthday beer while we watch the boys take on Peoria. :)


Fred Trask said...

39.2 (or 39-2) is a digital channel.

You'll need a digital TV or a converter box and an antenna to tune to 39.2.

Ms. Conduct said...

I feel 80 years old all of a sudden. :)

Fred Trask said...

That's ok, you're a girl and it's kinda techie ...

[Watching my back to make sure I'm not about to be "nutted"]

Ms. Conduct said...

Your back isn't what you need to be watching, Mister!

AeroFinn said...

well this is probably easier to decipher:
You say center I centre.
I think your problem reading these might be the fact that
in Europe you have dd/mm/yyyy where as in here it would
be mm/dd/yyyy? so when they write 25.04 that would be 04.25 for you?
Also I suppose in here you would say 4:15pm instead of 16:15 unless
you're in the navy? anyways, check, cheque, same thing.
4:15pm means 9:15am in Houston. The other starting time is 1:15pm here.(tomorrow "Madsen vs Zidlicky" at that time)
So it would have to be breakfast-hockey instead of "tomorrow night" like
you had in the heading(unless you want to watch the reruns?)...
I mentioned this in another message here, which I think
got "buried". But come to thing of it, much better that way.
Anyways if you would get this working in the Maple Leaf pub....!

AeroFinn said...

ok sorry I was too eager there...
World Championship and Maple Leaf Pub were two different things....
Well I suppose I can always dream?
I have to watch out for the usage of that ; here in U.S....

Ms. Conduct said...

LOL Thanks AF. In my old age, I have no patience for sorting out things like this, so thank you for your help. :)

beware the bear(s) said...

One can watch all kinds of things on 39.2 .. including, I gather, icehockey now, have watched ski jumping, snow boarding, slaloms, ironman competition (NOW that is an athlete!) etc, great to know one can get ICEHOCKEY there as well.

Fred Trask said...

FYI - Last nights hockey on 39.2 was from 2007 and 2008.

I don't see any of the current WC play being televised :(

beware the bear(s) said...

Woe is us, and I thought I misread the screen when watching stuff - which actually was from two years before and seeing it re run how many times as well?
But I thought the Digital Gremlins got me... apparently I am NOT the only one! Thanks Fred, you restored my equilibrium....if you care to read these comments, anyhow!

Fred Trask said...

LOL, beware the bears.

I read the comments for sure.

It looked like the current games were airing in early May.