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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game 1, Round 2: Bravo, Dimples; Bravo, Aeros

Excellent game by the boys tonight. But don't be looking for me to eat crow just yet (though maybe set it out to thaw, just in case).

As much as I didn't hit the panic button when the Aeros crash landed in game 1 of the Peoria series, I'm not ready to put helium in the balloons after tonight's win. There's still a LOT of hockey left to play and if you think Milwaukee isn't going to come with a plan on Saturday, you're delusional. You don't end the season with triple-digit points with a bunch of quitters on the roster.

But the Aeros did a lot of things extremely well tonight, so there are definitely some gold stars to hand out.

Of course, Dimples was Uh-May-Zing. I mean, he had some HUGE saves that he absolutely shouldn't have had, but did have. He was superfocused and played a big time game. Really good stuff from the kid.

How about Stoner, man? First of all... sweet jeezus what a hot dish he is with that playoff beard. Seriously, he should consider rocking that thing year round. Even getting the shit kicked out of him by Yonkers, he was just stunning. Wow.

Second of all, way to take one for the team, keeping the mittens on, drawing the extra roughing penalty. Not sure if that was all on purpose, but way to make it look like it was. This is why I've been saying since last summer that Stoner should be captain of this team full time. Glad it's at least finally happening when everything is amplified.

I had a feeling Mojzis was due for a power play goal. I was right.

Also, a shout out to the kids, Testwuide and Scandella, who never looked out of place out there, and that's a lot of pressure to get thrown into. To stay level-headed and make good decisions, that's worthy of some cookies.

I was awfully surprised (and will admit, a little disappointed) that Ryznar was a healthy scratch. I would have loved to ask Constantine about that tonight. Scratching a reliable forward to put in a converted defenseman, fresh out of college, having played only 2 games with the team? Really?

And Scandella was a perfectly solid replacement for the injured Albers. Darn him for being too young to make the Aeros next season. I think he's going to turn into a really good pick for the Wild.

Anyway, that's all the cookies and gold stars I have, but really, most everyone was great. Even Pouliot didn't make me want to stab my laptop screen to death. That's an A+ night for him!

Back on Saturday with Milwaukee having knocked the rust off and the Aeros having an idea that maybe this won't be so hard after all, then not showing up with the appropriate urgency.

Not that there's any precedent for this team doing that... like, say, every other game all season long...


Josh Lister said...

Excuse me Heather 05-06's Aeros made triple Digits that team quit after a heart breaking game one

B2Bomber said...

I think the Ads are underestimating the Aero's. Look at the season record between the two clubs:
Oct. 13 MIL 0 at HOU 3
Nov. 28 MIL 2 at HOU 1 (OT)
Nov. 30 MIL 2 at HOU 4
Dec. 17 HOU 1 at MIL 2 (SO)
Mar. 1 HOU 2 at MIL 3
Mar. 25 HOU 4 at MIL 1

Each team took three games and two were decided in overtime. That's why I made an earlier statement that we may have an easier time with Milwaukee than Peoria.

"Dave Schultz" said...

When Stoner was here (God I miss that man) in playoffs he did a mutton-chop type "shape" to his beard. We may or may not have nicknamed him "hot chops". I have a picture of it on my wall. RAWR.