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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures from Saturday's Game

In my work for InGoal Magazine, I've "met" Milwaukee Admirals photographer, Chris Jerina, who decided to travel to Peoria and shoot game 6. He was kind enough to send me the link to his shots, which are pretty terrific.

Go check them out at his gallery here. You won't be disappointed. Here are a few to wet your whistle (click to make them bigger).

All photos: Chris Jerina

Thanks for sharing these with us, Chris. Great work!


beware the bear(s) said...

THANK YOU!!! 'Soft spot';) one is terrific..But all vividly showed the physical game played by all.

Shaun Bill said...

Great work on the Aeros goal photo.

31-33 show the waived off goal that would have made it 3-1. More fantastic camera work. Looks like they are out of order and the sequence should be 32,31,33.

Ms. Conduct said...

I thought you'd enjoy that one, BTB!

Some great ones of Alby there, too.

And the one of Locker being hauled off kind of amuses me. What a goon! All 5'8" of him. :)

Josh Lister said...

I hate the one of Buttface the mascot. Why did he have to take that one?

Shaun Bill said...

"The Captain" is a much maligned concept. He started off VERY badly.

First, his original head was more like the Rivermen logo - menacing. he was anmed in a contest "Captain Crush" but it never stuck.

Then, his first game, he did some sort of skit that, I guess was a take off of another mascot skit. He danced with an inflatable doll at center ice, but the doll was wearing a T-shirt that had been and-drawn with a logo similar to the opponent we were playing (not well done). Anyway, as the dance wore on, he started whipped the doll around and, eventually, it looked like the mascot was beating the doll up. It was pretty awful to watch. The crowd was booing and stuff.

"The Captain" disappeared for quite a while. "Rocky" (a beaver who, over the years, lost his tail) who was set to retire, stayed on for a couple more seasons. A re-designed head was ordered and "The Captain" started making a few appearances with Rocky and then Rocky faded away.

I don't recall the second 'face' of "The Captain" but I don't remember it being THIS face (as seen in these pictures). This may actually be a THIRD head. This one is WAY happier than I ever remember...and that huge chin, well, it is huge.

beware the bear(s) said...

Ms. C, I see one of your 'soft spots' has new head gear-awesome paint job!!!

Chris Jerina said...

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Shaun Bill, you're correct, for some reason, it decided not to sort them by time (or filename) which would have down #32 as the first shot.

One fan near us commented how the "captain" looks like Quagmire from Family Guy, and I needed a photo to prove that Milwaukee didn't actually have the worst mascot in the "A". (Our Orange dog "Roscoe"...)

Ms. Conduct said...

LMAO at the mascot getting boo'd. I can only imagine the reaction on press row if something like that happened in Houston. You'd have to pick our brains out of the rafters when our heads exploded. Thanks for the story.

Roscoe isn't so bad.

Fred Trask said...

Good stuff Chris, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the back story too Shaun. Take good care of John Royal for us.

Shaun Bill said...

Hey Houston fans.
Peoria Civic Center had Internet connection knocked out today. Sounds like someone cut a fiber optic cable.
There is a Temp connection set up - I am using it.
This has the potential to impactthe video feed.

I am posting this via the Temp connection, so there is hope.

Shaun Bill said...

Video should work