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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smiles and Dimples: Ms.C's Round 2 Prediction

I already went public with this today in my PHN series preview:
Milwaukee in 5.

As much as I believe in the power of Kolanos, he is one man and hockey is a team sport. One man is just too easy to shut down, and while Krys is truly as dominant an AHL player as I've seen, I believe he can be shut down.

Of course, what is it taking away from covering other players to shut him down? Maybe that's the key to scoring. Kolanos as bait? I don't think that's enough.

But here's your smiles and dimples, my darlings: This series goes to the Ads because of goaltending. End of story. Dimples isn't good enough. I adore the kid, I'm awfully proud of the way he rebounded from a couple of bad games in round 1, but I don't think he withstands the onslaught that Milwaukee is going to bring to his doorstep.

I want to be wrong, and I usually am about nearly everything, it seems, especially at 2 a.m. but my gut says the series and the season end on the 8th or 9th in Houston if he's in goal.

Now... if Schaefer is magically healthy, or Brusty even more magically so... this changes my thoughts entirely. But I'm going with what I know right now, and that's

Dimples + Milwaukee = :(


Rob said...

Well I'm kinda surprised Ms. C. This Sunshine Club prospect would ask you to consider the following. 1. Dimples will have plenty of good defensive help in his corner. And he held his own against Manny and the Rivermen. Fact is, we won. 2. It will take two weeks to play this set of seven games. If Mr. Schaefer is needed for some reason perhaps he will have recovered enough during that period to get in some game time. 3. We had pretty much an even regular season with both Peoria and Milwaukee. The games will be close and 4. it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. I think the Aeros are a no quit big hearted dog and in this fight that can make all the difference. 5. Milwaukee has had a lot of time off and Houston's blood is still up from the first extended round. We may be bruised up a bit but we're in a hitting state of mind. That might give us a little jump on things.

You know what they say about opinions but here's mine anyhow. Aeros in seven and it will be a barn burner. Playoff hockey, don't you just love it? :)

Ms. Conduct said...

I hear ya, Rob, and agree with all of that. At best (other than Nolan coming back) it increases my prediction to Milwaukee in 6. I just don't think the Aeros survive this.

I mean, you saw how difficult a time we had with Rockford and Milwaukee just made sausage out of them, lickity split.

Like I said, I hope I'm wrong, and frankly usually when I make dire predictions, I am wrong. Here's to the boys surprising the crap out of me.

I will say that your #5 is a biggie. This team doesn't carry momentum well, but I think they must know they're big time underdogs going into this and they DO play well as underdogs. So, if they're in full-on "I'll Show You, Bitches" mode... who knows. But they're gonna have to score. A LOT.

Forecheck said...

If the Aeros lose tonight, I think your prediction is a good one. If the Aeros win, they could take it to seven and anything can happen.