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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Round 1, Game 6: I said I wasn't going to write

And I don't plan to write much. There's really only so much you can absorb when you're full of beer and watching at the bar. Other than alcohol. I absorbed some of that for sure.

But at least I skipped the margaritas and avoided making a jackass of myself. Oh, man. Me and tequila...


First off, the Aeros confirmed that Tony Hrkac was not a healthy scratch, and that he will be a game time decision on Monday.

Secondly, it was really nice meeting some of you at the Leaf tonight. Glad we could bring some internet that actually worked, so a few of us could huddle around my husband's computer and watch the game with relative fluidity.

Though I found there were some die-hard Aeros fans there who didn't know about the site. Next time I'll be prepared with business cards. Tell your friends, eh?

Third, shame the boys lost their f**king minds in the third period. Darn shame. Seemed to me that the ref missed a few tripping fouls against the Aeros, too, but I'm not one to blame the refs. You avoid that Penalty Box Parade and you have a chance tonight for sure, and that's the theme of the game, without a doubt.

Finally, our friend Josh ran the stats and found that the Aeros are 1-4 all time on my birthday, so I'm gonna suggest to the team that they try REALLY hard not to schedule games on my birthday anymore. I'm starting to feel cursed.


WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

How 'bout a final score?

(It was 2-1 Peoria, BTW.)

beware the bear(s) said...

What divides the 'man' from the 'boy' is how he handles himself under pressure, and both Pouliot and Locke lost it! Totally unnecessary behaviour-irresponsible! Back to back penalties...that's what lost Aeros the game. Thank goodness for Aeros pk skating! I shudder, imagining by how many goals the boyz could have lost without Khudobin in the net AND a good defense (again!thanks coaches).
Too bad Lammers did not get the goal, and HURRAH ONCE again for BEAUDOIN (who seems to be so undervalued) making the ONE AND ONLY goal for the Aeros.
In retrospect, I am glad I was unable to be at the pub in person to make an utter fool of myself -- People, telepathy does NOT work, I know, because I kept throwing my ardent thoughts, after Beaudoin's ONE and ONLY, the Aeros way.. MAKE ANOTHER GOAL, MAKE ANOTHER GOAL! Alas! BIG SIGH!

Ms. Conduct said...

John mentioned the score in his article, WRT.