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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now we have proof...picture and a video

Finally, there is a smoking gun. 
I always wanted to write that, but thanks to a very good friend of this blog, video has been found of Noreau's phantom goal the other night. First there was a picture that was on Cleve's blog in the PJ Star. Now there is video:

It happens very early, right around the 47 second mark. 
Incredible. If the dope sitting behind the net isn't reprimanded somehow, that's crazy. Just means that he/she was not paying attention. And with that job, that responsibility, in a Game 7, you can't fall asleep. 

I honestly did not expect for this to be that clear. But the puck goes through the net. 
In the proverbial grand scheme of things, this does not matter. But my God it could have. 
I'll let you watch and decide. 



John Royal said...

Great work. Like I said, I was looking down and didn't see. But Tom Lynn was shouting as soon as it happened. And when they stopped play a minute later to check the net, I was convinced they missed it, which Constantine's post game statements backed up.

Josh Lister said...

When I first saw the video of it. I knew it was a goal because there was no way from the area it was shot the net could have moved. Legace wasn't close to the net part of the goal. If the folks in Carver Arena had shown the ref the replay he would have been 100% sure that it was indeed a goal

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I think I am just impressed at all the different angles that have been offered.

The picture, the AHLlive feed, even the PJStar photog taking the you tube video.

They all show the goal going in, yet no one saw it.

Humans never cease to amaze.

Ms. Conduct said...

Wow. That was SICK.

beware the bear(s) said...

The camera records better than the naked eye! What a shot and video.

John Royal said...

Andrew: the video from inside Carver Arena wasn't good. I watched the replay on the board multiple times (they showed it during the stoppage of play while the refs were trying to figure it out), and you couldn't make out the puck on the screen -- they don't have a hi-def hi-resolution screen in Peoria like here. And I watched with Patrick Armstrong and Tom Lynn the AHL Live feed on Patrick's computer as he rewound the video to watch, and you still couldn't see the puck.

The goal judge definitely shouldn't have missed though, because that photog was next to him and the photog had the video.

As Lynn said, there's no video review in the AHL, and none of the on-ice officials saw the actual puck. They talked to the goal judge. He just flat out failed to do his job.

Fred Trask said...

Great video it was pretty clear in that shot but you can really see how quickly things happen.

Shaun Bill said...

OK, first off, I think I completely missed this. My impression, and that of tose I spoke with, was that the discussion/inspection involved the play directly before the stoppage, not minutes before. As such, the play is not the one I spoke of earlier. The video plainly shows play continuing and THEN they came back and looked at the net, later.

Next, the photo clearly shows the puck behind the net.

Finally, the YouTube video shows something, but I am not sure what. I watched that video (between :47 and :52) several dozen times. I only pick up the puck when it is behind the net, and only for a split second. It is so short I cannot freeze on it with YouTube. I can see the net move. It move so slightly, though. There doesn't seem to be anyone close enough to touch it (the net).
If it came through, it came through right at the corner. If that is the case, the puck would've had to slip under Legace's right leg. I do not see that on the video. Legace's stick and eyes seem to be drawn out farther.
Still, there is that nasty fact that the net did move a little bit.

I would love to see this video at about 1/4 speed.
The physics of hockey - the fact that you have a hard rubber disk (round yet flat on the edges) hitting curved sticks and other pieces of oddly shaped equipment - well, it doesn't always fly in a straight line. In fact, it can move in pretty crazy directions, sometimes.

Anyway, I know discussion about this will stop once your team is playing hockey again (tomorrow night).

The video raises a lot of questions. However, I think criticism of the goal judge is unwarranted. This play is anything but obvious. IF there was a hole (did the refs find one?) then the puck was "in" the net for just a fraction of a fraction of a second.

How would you interpret what your eyes saw in that situation in real time?
You see the net quiver a bit as the puck hits the glass or boards in front of you.
If we are REALLY honest with ourselves, I don't think any of us are pushing that button.

That doesn't mean the puck didn't go in. If I had to pick a goal/no goal answer after looking at it so many times, I would lean toward 'goal.'

Josh Lister said...

Even though we are clear it is a goal I will say Peoria's arena is out dated & replays probably won't have the best of camera Angles my favorite I call it the Wiley Coyote Cam because it looks straight down at the net the goal line & every thing else that you need to determine goal or NO Goal

Anonymous said...

To me, you can see Legace's reaction that he knew it was a goal. He knew he got beat
(j the teacher)