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Sunday, April 26, 2009

T3I Live From Peoria

I just wanted everybody to know that T3I should have a presence in Peoria tomorrow night for Game Seven. That is, if I make all of my flight connections and there are no flight delays -- even leaving Houston at 8:40 in the morning I'm still not supposed to get into Peoria until about 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. Which should be plenty of time, but those of you who travel on a regular basis know that that's not always the case.

Anyway, I will be in the building for Game Seven and will get quotes from the guys, win or lose, after the game. I doubt I will send any in-game updates, but you'll have a game story from me tomorrow night.

Unfortunately, there won't be any of Mr. Fred's photos. But hopefully my actually being on the scene will make up for that.


Fred Trask said...

Dude, you're not stopping by to pick up the camera?

John Royal said...

You'll probably get better pictures by aiming the camera at the computer screen on AHL Live than what I can get.

Besides, you don't actually expect me to work at a game do you? I just work after the game.

beware the bear(s) said...

Good Luck, maybe YOUR presence will telepathically inspire the boyz to win... just one goal, just one little goal (a Beaudoin goal-I hope :).
How about a pre-game hypnosis session "YOu WILL WIN".... etc.

Shaun Bill said...

Who is John Royal?

I'll be in press box, section 12. Come see me.

They try to give me the aisle seat. I had my left leg amputated below the knee in mid February and this has been my only live hockey since the end of January (I cover the IHL Bloomington team). The one Rivermen game I saw in the regular season? The last time the Aeros came to town in early April. This hockey is SO much better.

Ms. Conduct said...

Shaun, John is the Aeros (and Astros and Texans) writer for the Houston Press.

Anonymous said...

You're not packing Ms. C in your suitcase?

Ms. Conduct said...

Jesus, he'd have to pay $300 in "heavy bag" fees. :D

Honestly, not sure I'd survive on press row for this game. John will do much better.

beware the bear(s) said...

Whee... on to round 2.
The 'come back kids' did it again! Or was it John Royal's presence(weather permitting) that did it.... just kidding :), or delayed telepathy?
And another stormy night ..just like Saturday 4/18 .... does that have something to do with it??
Khudobin came through, Andrew and Fred!

John Royal said...

BTB: I made it in time for the drop of the puck. And the way some of the guys were acting when they saw me after the game, I'm thinking I might have to find someway to make the remainder of the games.

Ms. Conduct said...

I'm gonna need details... OTR is fine. :)

beware the bear(s) said...

Looks to me, John.. YOUR presence did it! Plus the stormy night here in Houston, we were, and still are, a bit 'under water' in parts and more predicted-hope YOUR flight lands safely.
Milwaukee may be a less contorted flight path away, or? Yeah, would be cool to BE THERE when they 'storm the ship' and beat the Admirals!