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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Round 1, Game #6: Aeros vs. Peoria -- A Few Quick Thoughts

Unlike some previous games, the Aeros dominated the first two periods of play. And unlike some of the previous games, the Aeros got their asses beat in the third period. I know people are going to blame the officiating for the 2-1 loss, especially as seeing as how the Aeros served about 30 straight penalties in the third -- I exaggerate, it was probably about 25. But here's the thing, they were all stupid penalties.

At some point, the Aeros have to learn to adjust to the referee. They can handle the Jeff Smith-type refs easy because he doesn't call penalties. But when they have a guy who blows the whistle, they keep playing like it's Jeff Smith out on the ice. And the worst offenders were Benoit Pouliot and Corey Locke. And yes, I watched the game, and I saw Locke get knocked about at the end of the game with the result being no call, but with just about two minutes left in the game and your team down by a goal, you don't wait until the puck is heading in the other direction and you're nowhere near the puck to slash a guy in retaliation. So as much as it hurt the team, Corey Locke fully deserved those four minutes in the box. And that, of course, killed the Aeros chances for the night.

I've got no complaints with Anton Khudobin's play. I liked how the team worked and dominated in the first two periods. The team had chances, especially Krys Kolanos. And John Lammers nearly made a shot storming out of the penalty box in the third that would have tied the game. But that didn't happen.

Game Seven will be Monday night, and it's also in Peoria. And let's hope Kevin Constantine gives the boys a good shouting out, because they deserve it for that awful third period play. And hopefully, Jesse Schultz wasn't as injured as he looked while he limped off of the ice at the end of the game. And if he is, let's hope Mitch Love gets a little chance for some retribution.


Fred Trask said...

Benoit was simply awful. Locke was selfish to the extreme in taking that penalty. He was willing to sacrifice all of the hard work the Aeros did all night because he took a hard hit into the boards. There is no excuse for a selfish penalty like that and Championship teams do not put individual players above the team. Corey Locke owes each of the Aeros a huge apology. Hopefully the shot to Jesse Schultz wasn't in return for Locke's slash.

Speaking of apologies, I need to make one to wilkin2 from the chat on AHL Live. I was VERY harsh on you and I'm sorry. You're entitled to your opinion. Hopefully I'll see you in chat again Monday and I can type you an apology there.

As far as the Aeros go, they need to bring the same game on Monday but be a bit smarter in the 3rd period and advance to the 2nd round.

Shaun Bill said...

Houston discipline went out the window in teh third period. (BTW: Locke got a Gamer, as well).Locke was retaliating for a crushing check Jeff Cowan laid on his.

Legace was simply outstanding. The one goal he allowed was not much his fault.

Game Seven - anyones guess at this point.

I did ask Constantine about his goaltending situation and Khoduin will be between the pipes.

Anonymous said...

The series is over.
Over and out.

The Aeros only chance was eeking one one tonight.

Monday night will be a blowout.

Didn't both of you say the series would end in six?
Well, one of you was right because tonight it ended, and Monday is just a formality.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we have a penalty kill or we would have lost by 10 goals tonight. I agree with Fred's assessment of Locke as being selfish (which his bio shows on other teams) and of course there's "No Show" Pouliot(when is he going to wake up?) If I was Constantine I'd sit Locke for the first period of the next game. If he has learned his lesson he might be good for 203 goals.

Anonymous said...

Make that 2-3 goals.............lol

Shaun Bill said...

Far be it for me to buck up Aeros fans here, but there is no way this series is over.

Davis Payne talked about momentum and how "no team sleeps on momentum."
Kevin Constantine sure as heck didn't seem like he was going to hit the panic button, either.

Quit jumping off the bridge, already. Monday will be an edge of your seat kinda game.

The way these two teams have played each other this season and especially over the past two weeks, you just cannot predict what is going to happen.

John Royal said...

Hey Shaun. Thanks for the info you've been providing. It was a big help since none of us were there.

Ms. Conduct said...

Oh Shaun, this is just what we do. :) Thankfully the team doesn't tend to follow suit.

beware the bear(s) said...

OOOPS, did not read all this before making comments earlier...agreed on Pouliot and Locke. One should give credit where due... BEAUDOIN made the only goal last night!
The predictable unpredictable Aeros were on the prowl again!

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel no one reads, and/or comments on, any comments other than from old established bloggers?

Fred Trask said...

I'm not sure what you are trying to say here but I read every comment.

I certainly don't comment on them all, but I read them all.

I'm pretty sure Andrew, Heather and John do as well.

As for why others do not comment I'm not sure, but I know there is a large segment that will NEVER comment on anything.

beware the bear(s) said...

I read, and 'savour' :),blogs, links(saves me some time finding interesting other articles) and comments, and write something as well if agreeing or not...thanks to all of you out there who offer comments and suggestions, to fans and players, LOL!

beware the bear(s) said...

Apropos talking, blooging, commenting...
I also check, at times, Instigator Alley (have tried to sign on since December)- interesting!
So if you all feel some $ help would be welcome, let me know, I'd chip in for sure to keep THAT forum going, although as yet, can't participate.

John Royal said...

To anonymous. I read every comment. I don't comment in response to most because I was once told that I've had my say with the post, and the comments are a chance for you to tell me about how I'm an idiot.

That said, I often respond to Fred, Ms. C. or Andrew if they leave a comment because we don't see each other every day and this is a way for us to communicate with each other.

I apologize if you think I've been ignoring you, as that wasn't my intent. I will always try to respond to a direct question though.