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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Commenting Rules (Kind of)

One of the things we try to do here it at T3I is to provide a source for not only Aeros and hockey info in general, but for all of you to express your thoughts on the various topics we discuss, or anything you want discussed. And we like a good dialogue, and we like to think that we encourage a lively exchange of ideas.

But, we would like for this expression of dialogue to be civil -- since Heather and I have both been known to use profanity in posts, I can't say no profanity. So on behalf of Heather, Fred, and Andrew, I would kindly request that everybody please watch their tone. Try to cut back on the insults. Try not to call somebody else names. If you disagree, that's fine. But we would just ask that you try to do so in a more polite manner.

Here's the thing. We have the ability to delete comments that we believe go over the top. We've never done that. We've never seen the need to do that. But after some of the stuff earlier today, we have seriously started contemplating that option. Now, I lost out on the argument about whether those comments should have been deleted -- I thought they should stay because I don't like punishing people for breaking rules they didn't know existed, but like I said, I lost.

However, starting from this post on, if we see anything we consider to be over the top, defamatory, or just plain classless and insulting, we're DELETING IT. And just as a reminder, we also have the ability to use the moderation feature, which means nothing gets posted until one of us approves it. I don't want to do that since I'm the one without a job and that means I would be the one stuck with having to approve all of the comments. But that option is still out there.

So please, comment. Have a good time. Agree. Fight. Argue. Express anguish. Let us know how you feel about what the Aeros have done, or the league, or the opposition. Just keep it civil.

After all, we don't want hurt feelings.


Fred Trask said...

The only thing I'd like to add is they were not deleted w/o permission of the writer.

Apparently the author was not able to delete them personally.

josh said...

OK sounds good to me should there be some rules on posting. Preferebly making sure that its 100% accurate. The fact Andrew didn't caused things that shouldn't have been said.

Fred Trask said...

I'm loving the FotC video.
Thanks John.

Anonymous said...

I guess we need to have patience with writers .. as well as people who post... aaahhhh ????

I have had disagreements with Andrew, as well he has with me.
No biggie !! And I'm sure it will happen again. (It already happened again, I just bit my tongue !! Still not happy with Andrew !!)

We are human !! and being human requires patience...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, T3I gang...and to John for the post. No one is 100% right 100% of the time. This is a most enjoyable blog, but it can cease being enjoyable if people can't disagree in a civil manner. I like your "new" commenting rules and hope everyone adheres.