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Friday, July 31, 2009

Possible Aeros Radio Moves

I know after the discussion with Joe O'Donnell that some of you were worried about the Aeros' games being on the radio this upcoming season. I can't give specifics yet, but I have learned from two different sources that the Aeros, as well as being in discussions to return to 1070, are also in discussions with 1560 The Game.

Personally, I'm pulling for the games to end up on 1560 as not only would I no longer have to listen to commercials for programming that makes Sean Hannity sound sane, but I really think it would really be better for the Aeros to be on a sports station that would be able to provide them a better platform to appeal to sports fans.

(And for those concerned about 1560's weak signal, they are just awaiting approval from the FCC to use a new signal that will match up with 740s.)


CatTrick said...

1560 would be nice ... I shudder to think about the evening last season when I spent the nite listening to 1075. Game time came and went ... no game. I waited and waited ... no game. I refused to turn the radio off because I KNEW that as soon as I did, the game would finally come on. Well, the game never did air. And then I knew I was TOTALLY hooked on the Aeros. I had spent the whole nite listening to crazy, conservative talk radio, only to realize that the game wasn't scheduled till the NEXT nite!

Ms. Conduct said...

LOL Cat. You're a better woman than me. I had to mute it and then just unmute to check in every few minutes when that happened to me. That station makes my skin crawl. Would LOVE for them to get on a proper sports station.

Forecheck said...

1560? Is that a radio station or Farm-to-Market route?

Wasn't it just about four years ago they were on a station that was so week after sunset that half the time if you got anything on yourr radio it was WLW in Cincinnati?

Anonymous said...

1560 has been waiting for that "permission" for a couple of years now.

Anonymous said...

It was 1070.... CatTrick.. not 1075!

Anonymous said...

If they move to 1560 it will be to cut costs more than partner with a sports station. If it was about partnering with a sports station they would pay to be on a good one. That will not happen. If they move to 1560 it will be to save money. I will bet anyone a kolache that if they move to 1560 we will be listening to them on an internet stream. I will believe the concept that the 1560 signal will be increased when I can actually hear that station at night. The strengthened signal has been their company line for a long time. Sometimes it takes years before signal matters are resolved.