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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wade Dubielewicz to sign with Wild

I can confirm that Wade Dubielewicz will sign a contract with the Wild and will compete for the No. 2 goaltending spot with the Wild this fall.

Good news for Aeros fans is that if Josh Harding is not traded, then he will likely be the No. 1 in Houston. But if Harding is traded -- and personally I think this scenario is much, much more likely now -- that means it's up to Brust and Khudobin to man the pipes at Toyota Center.

So in a span of 12 hours, it went from sheer panic (OK, so I kid ... but some people need to chill) to possibly getting Duncan Milroy, Jon DiSalvore, Pete Zingoni and maybe Dubielewicz down in Houston.

My guess is that this is all of the big news for now. But stay tuned.


AeroFinn said...

Interesting...Thanks for the updates!

Locke, Kolanos, Olvecky out, DiSalvatore, Milroy, Zingoni in. Sounds like a serious downgrade to me, loosing a lot of flair there.
Maybe that is just my thinking?

Zingoni was a massive flop in FNL, but he must have developed since.

They should get somebody thrown in for Aeros in that possible Harding move.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

We could argue all day about what kind of downgrade and how much. The Aeros are MUCH better defensively already.

If the Aeros played last year close to how they did in 08, they would have made it to the finals possibly.

I think it's a wash at this point, depending on what kids made the cut and which ones don't.

But defensively, especially if Brust comes back healthy, they'll be alright.

AeroFinn said...

Sure, defense sounds much better. I guess its going to be a lot of shut-down hockey then. Throw in a couple of fights a game to keep folks happy. DiSalvatore and Milroy should be useful in offense, but I think Aeros still need a goal scorer. Don't really see anybody scoring much from this lot, no matter how the potential changes go between Wild/Aeros... Anyways just my opinion.

Wild 09-10

Forwards (12)
Eric Belanger
Derek Boogaard
Pierre-Marc Bouchard
Kyle Brodziak
Andrew Brunette
Cal Clutterbuck
Martin Havlat
Mikko Koivu
Antti Miettinen
Owen Nolan
James Sheppard
Craig Weller

Aeros 09-10

Forwards (13)
Cody Almond
Jon DiSalvatore
Colton Gillies
Robbie Earl
Danny Irmen
Petr Kalus
Matt Kassian
Brian Kaufman
Morten Madsen
Carson McMillan
Duncan Milroy
Benoit Pouliot
Pete Zingoni

Zingoni helps Patrick Thoresen into a Gordie Howe hatrick. (Gets beaten up)

Zingoni vs Brandon Rogers

I see a future crowd favourite here... Just have to take few fighting lessons first...

Fred Trask said...

I have to agree with AeroFinn on this one. The D looks like it'll be pretty solid but after that there are BIG questions.

The net situation is a huge question. Honestly I do not like the concept of going into the season with Brust and Anton. You just don't know what you are going to get.

And we've give up a ton of points in guys that have been signed away. The new guys added just do not fill those holes. At the end of the day we look to be worse IMO so far.

Forecheck said...

Doublekwiecz....Doubywitz....Dubkw.... ah, heck, maybe it's better if he did make the Wild.....

Josh said...

Fred I said this once to Andrew. Would you want to be the guy telling Anton after what he did in the Playoffs he is STILL going back to the ECHL? I just pray that since the injury bug was so mean to us last year it will go away from us this year.

Rob said...

I would love to be wrong but must agree with AeroFinn and Fred. Friend Andrew, I don't think it would take all day to argue about this downgrade. Ten minutes maybe, but not all day. Annnnd there's more downgrade acoming. Triple double dang.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

If you think the argument would only take 10 minutes, then you are not giving this side of ton of credit. Ha!

And I think we are talking about apples and oranges here. I do know they are losing quite a bit in the offensively gifted department ... but there is a reason why these departed guys did not get much of a fight from the Wild when other teams came calling.

Their deficiencies tend to outweigh any good they did by putting the puck in the net.


Corey Locke - Minus 16 rating
Beaudoin - Minus 15 rating
Rosa - Minus 11 rating

Kolanos scored enough even strength goals to keep him above water at plus 5.

I am not saying the Aeros will have a better record this year and I am not saying they won't. My point is, when all things are considered, the drop off isn't as bad as it right now seems.

And the defense is quite a bit better by just adding Sifers and Fraser and taking Mojzis (minus 450 billion) out of the equation.

AeroFinn said...

hmm. sure I agree it is not that black and white.
Btw if looking at the stats only Stoner +6, Kolanos +5 and Irmen 0 did not finish on minuses. (Not counting the part-timers here)
I would think that most people would still rather see a hockey game that finishes 8-6 for Aeros (Kolanos scoring 3 and gifting 5 to the opponent, thus finishing at -2) than seeing a 2-1 win for the Aeros.

Unfortunately quite often your best offensive players are too lazy or not that bothered to track back and help the defense, but I would still like to see a "lazy-d" forward with good hands and scoring skills for the Aeros next season...
Aeros need to add a scorer... DiSalvatore and Milroy don't sound that bad in this sense, but I would be surprised if Zingoni did much in the scoring department.

Rob said...

Hey,that was about 10 minutes wasn't it?? :) Go Aeros!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

You are an ass, but in a good way.
This is the kind of shit that makes a blog fun.

I am now curious to know what you think got the Aeros as far as they got in the playoffs.

Rob said...

No question, t'was those Sunshine Club positve vibes. Any other answer would probably take all day.