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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aeros.com Audio with Joe O'Donnell and Jim Mill

Joe O'Donnell (pictured here sporting the playoff beard) has had some nice sit-downs with several folks in the organization since arriving, and on the Aeros audio page is a good clip of his recent interview with Aeros Assistant GM Jim Mill.

I suspect the Aeros will have more of these as the summer progresses, especially around training camp time.

Give this a listen and comment back with what you think of the interview, how Joe conducted it and what you thought of Jim's comments.

He has been a real straight shooter with me since coming on board, and I cannot tell you how much that is appreciated.


Ms. Conduct said...

Yep, good stuff there. Thanks for posting those, A. Joe's doing a great job asking thoughtful questions, and questions I'd want to ask myself if I were smart enough to come up with them.

artsnhockey said...

What I got out of this interview through Joe's questions asked and Mills' answers:
Defensively the Aeros will have the advantage. He has a positive spin on goalies. It appears we are to have a surfeit of possible captains.
But re scoring he was not as decisive as he was on defense.
May have read that wrong. I sure hope so and that the team will prove me wrong.
Mills wants a 'cup', that also came across very clearly.
So, we can expect an agressive team that skates well, and defends well, and tends goal well!

Anonymous said...

Joe is very good. I hope they don't chase him off too.

artsnhockey said...

Anon Nr ????....Your word in G'd's ears. After what we've just heard in the latest post!!!!

CatTrick said...

Mill seemed a bit "flat" and not especially enthusiastic or focused. I now feel a little more confident in what will become the Aeros offense, tho, but I've still got to see some early season gamesheets before I breathe a sigh of relief.

I think Joe does a really good job with interviews. He tends to go with a slightly different approach and gets somewhat different answers from every other sports interview, altho most sports interviews do have the same spin.

I especially enjoy Joe's play-by-plays. Since becoming an Aeros fan last season, I listened to every radio broadcast he did unless I was at the Toyota Center. I like his enthusiasm and his knowledge of hockey.

While I'm dishing out compliments, I want to say how much I've come to rely on T3I for reliable news and really appreciate Andrew, Ms.C, John, and Fred for their awesome contributions. Thanks, guys!!!