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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ladies, one last Matt Beaudoin...

Joe O'Donnell posted what is probably his last interview with Beauds as an Aero. I wish I could say that he looks awful and we won't miss him, but you'd see for yourself that I'm lying like rug.

And just to twist the knife, they're discussing the charity work some of the guys did at Memorial Hermann. Nothing like your favorite hockey hunk helping little kids. Dear Lord.

Anyway, go check it out.

UDPATE: I had trouble getting to the video, as well. Try this link. [John]

Photo by Fred Trask


Fred Trask said...

Well I'm going to miss him for sure. I thought he was really starting to blossom in the playoffs.

artandhockey said...

He blossomed ;-) way before that... afterall hat trick in February in an away game... but yes, he became better and better.
Where is Nr. 25??? I know we won't get him back... but one loves to know where 'have all the boyz gone'...a la Marlene! repining is the Word.

anon said...

can't get into the podcast.

John Royal said...

anon: I put a different link in where it says Update. Try that one. Hopefully that will work.

Ms. Conduct said...

Thanks John. They posted it a little different than usual.