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Friday, July 10, 2009

ESPN NHL Writer: Wild third from the bottom

I realize this is only the opinion of ONE writer, but are the Wild really destined for another year without playoffs?

I think this is more of an indication of how competitive things are in the NHL these days, rather than the team just being bad.

But based on Free agent pick ups, etc. where do you see the Wild finishing next year?

From the article:

In this economy and with all the other options for hockey interest in Minnesota, one more non-playoff season will put the Wild's sellout streak at risk.


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WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

Let's put a little reality into this, shall we?

1. Doug Risebrough took nine seasons to build -- and then destroy -- the Minnesota Wild. No one can be expected to rebuild anything in a fortnight. A lot of Wild 'fans' (I use that term loosely) are unwilling to give new GM Chuck Fletcher a chance.

2. The Wild went into the off-season after last year's disasterous finish with no head coach, no second-or-third round draft picks, a Grade 'A' head case in Marian Gaborik who wasn't going to re-sign with the team no matter what, and a number of other UFA's to this point, over a week into free agency, who have not been signed to new contracts yet -- by any NHL team.

3. The new GM had to put up with the 'sloppy seconds' of DR (Tom Lynn, Tommy Thompson) as he tried to pull the Wild hockey operations department out of its' collective funk. He managed to show Lynn (nicknamed 'TooL' on Russo's Rants) the door, and hopefully will do the same to the scouting staff (including Gaborik's brother, one of their European scouts).

Having said that, I think the Wild may -- MAY -- make the playoffs in 2009-10. It will be tough for the Wild to overcome the quantum leaps in talent obtained (most notably) by Calgary and Vancouver, but equally wretched off-seasons by Edmonton and Colorado (Having Joe Sakic retire a week into free agency, instead of the day before it started, doesn't help) will assure that the Wild finish no further down the Western Conference than the 11th place they nearly finished last season.