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Monday, July 27, 2009

Part 2 of Aeros GM Jim Mill

Joe O'Donnell released Part II of his discussion withAeros new GM Jim Mill today. I'm sure this is gonna go over really well right now. :)


artandhockey said...

Thanks, I think. As I said before, we'll have an Aeros defense for certain :-)
So long, good bye, it's been so nice but... Jesse and Matt... SIGH, SIGH.
What is it with the verification words, lately they have SOOOOOO apropos to the situations.... teehee.

CityOfAngels said...

he NEEDS to be with the aeros this season!
whoevers job it is--sign him! make an offer!

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't think um, Mr. Mill, um is real um, comfortable, um, with um, public, um speaking.

Frankly I think the Aeros made a ton of mistakes this off season but I'm willing to see what they put on the ice. If it's crap I um, expect um, Mr. Mill um, to um, make um, some um, mid-season changes.

John Royal said...

Okay, not to play comment cop, but...

Let's try not to make fun of someone's speaking style unless it's really relevant, i.e., complaining about the PA guy misprouncing a player name or mangling something like that.

I understand you guys are mad at Mill and management, but stick to the point, please.


John Royal said...

Hey, artandhockey, we don't see the verification words on our end, so when you get something really good, share it for all of us if you don't mind. I love a good verification word.

artandhockey said...

I'll do that (a veritable verification word dictionary ;-) on MY blog at blogspot site... just to whet your appetite. The last cool (?) one (MILLS interview Nr. 1 read KINGS! uhu!

artandhockey said...

OOPS meant to say I'll start collected them ... manana...now I'm off for a session with a great white .... wine!
Best last 'word' during a Meins comment was 'pissand'....you get the idea!

Forecheck said...


That's a word?

As in "Jerry's firing was a real cosibver"?

Anonymous said...

LOL ... Jerry's firing was also "lanswo."

Please forgive me for being ignorant, but artandhockey, now that my appetite is whet, could you complete your bit of self-promotion and post your blog address so I can, um, check it out?
Thanks! :)

artandhockey said...

Just for your information, I am NOT as prolific a blogger as are the wonderful 3, nay 4 at T3I.... but hey, its a good way to get through the icehockey summer blahs... LOL.
and 'reche'(from the word verification dictionary) does not mean a reaction to it, I hope! :-0