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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aeros to sign left wing Brandon Buck

The Aeros have signed left wing Brandon Buck to an AHL contract ... well, technically the ink has not been used, so it cannot be dry. BUT, this deal will be announced in due time.

Earlier today, the Wild signed Ryan Lannon and Nathan Smith to two-way deals, and the addition of Buck, who played junior hockey with the Guelph Storm (OHL), will give the Aeros a bit more youth up front.

In six games with the Norfolk Admirals last season, Buck notched a goal and added an assist when his career in the "O" was finito.


AeroFinn said...

So what is the construction worker rating on this one? Can have a proper teen line now.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

This is definitely a work in progress. The kid definitely had a scoring touch in juniors, so my guess is they'll hope to get something out of him on the third or fourth line.

And depending on who makes the Wild, he could end up in the coast (ECHL) ...

Ms. Conduct said...

I think he may give Falker a run for his adorable money...

AeroFinn said...

Still a couple of "loose" teams in the ECHL for next season...any chance that Aeros/Wild would have a "full" affiliate with one of these or will the possible extras just be spread around the ECHL?

Would not want to sound so negative, but I'm still hoping to see new signings to push some of these guys down to try it out on the ECHL level first...

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, so the average age of this team if everybody I listed earlier sticks at the AHL level is 23.8 years old. DiSalvatore and Zingoni are the elders at 28.

AeroFinn said...

Anybody want to bet that Jon Disalvatore will score 20+ goals this season? I'll say yes. He has done so during all of his 6 seasons in AHL (Quite consistent there: 20-22 goals)

If taking Ms.Conduct's earlier roster (assuming Gillies etc will stay up), the lines based purely on NHL/AHL experience would look like this:

1st: DiSalvatore - Smith - Earl

2nd: Milroy - Pouliot - Kassian

3rd: Irmen - Zingoni - Buck

4th: Kalus - Madsen - Kaufman

+McMillan - Almond

Not saying that this would work...based purely on numbers. I counted NHL as x2(you can kill me for that) which pushed Pouliot from the 3rd line up one to replace Zingoni.
I used the positions from Ms.Conduct's post, but as she said the players will likely move around.

Looking at it like this does not make it seem any more promising. Need experience and goals. I'm sure some of the kids will be pleasant surprises but still...

RW DiSalvatore
5 Games(0 Goals)NHL 443(129)AHL
RW Milroy
5(0)NHL 346(75)AHL
RW Irmen
RW Kalus
9(4)NHL 103(21)AHL
RW McMillan

C Smith
17(0)NHL 405(72)AHL
C Pouliot
51(7)NHL 143(38)AHL
C Zingoni
C Madsen
C Almond

LW Earl
9(0)NHL 203(32)AHL
LW Kassian
LW Buck
LW Kaufman

Only regular season games inluded here. Sorry about the long post. It has been "busy" "at work"...

B2Bomber said...

A lot of new names/jersey numbers to memorize......

Anonymous said...

Andrew IS days ahead in announcing....
Aeros site lags, but Joe O'Donnell is filling in 'temporarily'?