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Monday, July 27, 2009

Thunder Bay Rampage?

It was revealed this week in the plans of one of the potential buyers of the Phoenix Coyotes that these buyers will move Phoenix's farm team, Aeros I-10 rival San Antonio Rampage, to Thunder Bay, Ontario, if they win the bid to buy the team.

Here's an excellent article explaining both the investor's plan for the move, which requires building a new arena in Thunder Bay, and the investor's overall plan for making Phoenix profitable.

As for what would happen to the Rampage, I think next summer is going to see a significant shuffling of the deck in the AHL affiliate structure. The Ducks need an affiliate. The Stars need a franchise to buy. The Oilers have a dormant franchise but an affiliation with Springfield. Eventually all these oddities are going to need to shake out, and hopefully SA will get a new affiliation with a team (oh, how much more fun would it be to hate them if they were the Ducks affiliate?) and the bitter rivalry will live on for many more years.

As usual, we'll keep you posted as this develops.


Lax Guy said...

As far as next year, things here in Iowa are looking pretty bleak. The Schlegels have done such a good job of screwing up the franchise that our latest would-be investors just walked away. My guess is that Hicks will own our team and we'll have squat on a permanent basis.

John Royal said...

Despite what the article states, this guy has yet to actually submit a bid to the Court. I wrote about this in a post below. What he submitted was a letter of intent to bid at a future date with a vague-sounding number attached to what he might bid.

I doubt the Court will consider it as the Court's order was that "bids" had to be submitted by last Friday for an auction in early August. This guy didnt' submit a bid as ordered by the Court, so most of what this article discusses is generally useless.

Forecheck said...

Is this guy nuts or what?

There's nothing in Thunderbay except sod farms and NHL players.