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Monday, July 27, 2009

Paul Albers signs with Nuremberg Ice Tigers

Got a tweet this morning that Paul Albers, my favorite fearless shot blocker, has signed with the Nuremberg Ice Tigers in Germany. Paul was an RFA heading into free agency but was not given a qualifying offer by the Wild.

Photo by Fred Trask

Here's sort of a clumsy-but-funny translation from the original German on the Ice Tigers site:
The 23-jährigen defenders Paul Albers of the Houston Aeros from the American Hockey League (AHL) obligated Thomas Sabo Ice of tiger. It receives an in annual contract.

The 1,86m large and 86kg heavy Canadians created 2007 the leap from the ECHL to the Aeros, the farm team of the NHL team Minnesota game. In the AHL completed it altogether 163 plays and can a balance of 9 gates and 24 Assists exhibit. Before it was with the Vancouver Giants in the Western Hockey League (WHL) the second-best Scorer of its team and belonged to the all star team of the Memorial Cups, the final round of the WHL.

Albers looks forward to the new challenge in Nuremberg: „I wanted to come to one time in my career in any case once to Europe. The fact that it folded this year already is the better. The DEL belonged to the best leagues of Europe and already brought some good players out. I am sure me that the larger ice surface of my fast play way and concomitantly my passport play will come to meet. “

Ice tiger manager Lorenz radio is glad that Albers decided for a change to Germany: „Paul Albers is considered as very talentiert and is with security a player for the future. “

Anyway, congrats to Paul. Sounds like an exciting adventure!

BTW, totally off topic, but as I was looking for a photo of Paul to put in this post, I was combing through Fred's shots. Man, it really brings back some fun memories. Next time you've got an hour and are having a fit of hockey season nostalgia, click the Photos link in the Top Topics section of the right-hand column. You won't regret it.


AeroFinn said...

Reads like a google translation.

Checking for trades from eurohockey.net I saw that Kevin Constantine has just been over to England for a coaching clinic. For those who are interested on the coaching side of hockey, you can hear his and Mike Babcock's interview from here:

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Ah the photos section ... That is a great place to go if you want to remember healthy goalies, etc.

artandhockey said...

Fantastisch fuer Paul! Ich wuensche ihm nur das Allerbeste.

Travel broadens the mind-good! I do hope he'll enjoy living and having fun in Germany and meet some lovely Fraeuleins.
Reading the article in German, it is VERY complimentary about Paul Albers..
Love the link to all those fabulous pix....clicking down memory lane SIGH! SIGH!

AeroFinn said...

And a BBC article about KC & MB can be found through there as well.


That article also mentions Tony Hand the "Scottish Gretzky", over 4000 points during his career.

AeroFinn said...


Anonymous said...

I feel both good and bad for Paul on this signing. Bad in the fact that I don't think he got a fair shake here in Houston. He had lots of offensive skills and was made to play PK(which he did excellent). You could see him lose his confidence which he will hopefully get in Germany. I'm sure he'll be back in the AHL and I think the Aeros will be sorry they let him go.

B2Bomber said...

I wish Paul the best. I thought he did well and appreciate his play. I guess I can just keep my Albers jersey in the closet now.

Anonymous said...

No why, people wear "OLD boys" jerseys all the time....

Anonymous said...

B2Bomber.............reading through all the comments surrounding Paul's announcement and noticed your comment. Would you consider selling your jersey???
We never got a chance to purchase one but I guess we could still make one up.

Mr & Mrs Albers