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Thursday, July 30, 2009

See, we all make mistakes. Just laugh.

What is wrong with this caption on the picture at the end of this post?
(Hint, check behind the left skate...)

I included a .jpeg (below), and here is the link. But the Admirals are sure to correct this before too long. I hope. There is a bigger version of the picture on the Web ... if it is still there. For some reason, this is the best I could do, resolution wise, on this blog.



Admirals Short Shifts said...

Slow news day, eh?

Ms. Conduct said...

I think we were due for one... phew.

artandhockey said...

HA HA HA... that's a good one...we need LOLs

CatTrick said...

Hopefully, this won't become controversial!

AeroFinn said...

Well this could turn controversial very easily. All you need is one bozo making a silly comment about goaljudges in Milwaukee and you would have lawsuit in your hands.
I've learned now to be very careful here, I'm sure any comment would result in seeing a disgruntled goaljudge from Milwaukee with a subpoena knocking at my door in no time. So I leave commenting to others.

John Royal said...

AeroFinn, nothing personal, but as an attorney, your proud and continued profound ignorance of the US legal system is really beginning to piss me off.

AeroFinn said...

Ok. Once again forgot the smilies to indicate sarcasm.

Absolutely, I know nothing about law. I probably got about everything wrong with my silly comment there.

I wasn't thinking that this is so serious here, just messing about.

John Royal said...

And AeroFinn, I apologize. That's just a sore subject with me. In fact, as soon as I finish typing this I'm hitting the "cranky" button. It was just a long night with too little sleep, and a busy day.

I don't play hockey, but I think I need to slam somebody into the boards or something.

AeroFinn said...

I'm not a lawyer, I'm not from the States so I don't stand much of a chance of getting my facts right.
My comment was meant as a silly joke (and at no point did I think that I know the code of law) and furthermore I think the Nordic sense of humour is very different from the American one.

Seriously I was thinking that this is not such a serious forum.
Do you need a legal degree to comment? Do you need to make sure that you get all your facts right about everything you say?
I was thinking that a simple layman like me could throw in his comments as well, but if not then this is definitely a wrong place for me and in that case feel free not to publish this comment. I'll get me coat...

AeroFinn said...

I think seriously I just have to learn more about American culture/society/humour before posting anything more here.
I can see that my comments are really starting to grate on people. Even when it has all been in jest..has not translated very well though. The fact that I caused a scene with Andrew and the cranky click yesterday and with you today should be a clear enough hint. Not very healthy to have a cyber-provocation everyday... My apologies also for all the "derailments" that I have caused for the hockey talk here.

Snikpip said...

Finn, the important thing to remember when typing a sarcastic remark is to put something (like the smileys you mentioned) after the remark. Tone of voice is hard to relay through typed messages. What sounds like pure unadulterated sarcarsm in your mind when you read something may not sound the same to another person. Don't quit posting comments. Just drop a little hint to the sarcasm. No biggie.

CatTrick said...

AeroFinn - I hope you were joking about not commenting anymore. I enjoy your sometimes warped sense of humor. :) :) :)

AeroFinn said...

Snikpip, I totally agree about the smileys, this is what I have been saying all along...
No matter how outrageously sarcastic your statement sounds in your own mind somebody might still take it at face value.
Many reasons to this, tiredness, bad day etc.
I didn't understand Andrew's "What kind of a **** would click cranky..." as sarcasm. I guess I was tired that day.
Smiley/winkey whatever would have helped in that case too.
It was quite clear what John meant with his statement (he did apologize so that is fine) and it is very likely that my
wisecracks have been grating on other people too...So enough that kind of comments (with or without smilies)from me.
I will be back when/if I have something factual/clever (in my opinion) to add on the HOCKEY discussion.
This is what I wanted to say... I truly wish I didn't upset anybody with this message and that this discussion would now be over.
Back to hockey.

Snikpip said...

It ain't no thang but a chicken wang.