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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aeros roster shaping up

Okay, time for a little roster math. The Wild, by my calculations (feel free to check my list at the end of this post), have 43 players signed to contracts, either one-way or two-way (this does not include guys signed to AHL-only contracts).

The limit for the number of contracts an NHL team can carry per season is 50, so the Wild could sign up to 7 more players before having to unload a contract. I would guess they leave a buffer for late season signings, as well.

As for the Aeros line-up, it's shaping up like this (updates):

RW- Irmen/LW-C-Pouliot/LW-Earl
RW-Milroy/C-Madsen/LW -Kaufman
RW-DiSalvatore/C-Almond/LW -Buck

(Some of these guys can play multiple positions... ahem... so it's hard to guess how lines will shake out. Plus, lines don't really matter on a KC-coached team.)


So, assuming Pouliot (or possibly Gillies, though I'm starting to doubt we'll see him) stays in Houston, and assuming Kalus doesn't bail for Europe when he doesn't make the Wild roster, the Aeros really only have a few more holes to fill. Of course, I mean this strictly in a "warm bodies in roster spots" way; not in a "who's gonna score the goals?" way.

Throw another d-man in there to cover injuries, and maybe 3 more forwards and you've got a team. And just a hunch, but I don't expect to see any of last year's free agents re-signed here this season. And by that I mean, ladies, cherish your Beaudoin memories and find a new hottie to adore. If he hasn't signed here yet, I don't think he's going to.

Bottom line: I don't know much about the new guys, but it's looking like another heavily defensive season, and the Aeros certainly have the quality blue line to pull it off, if perhaps not the goaltending (I still have big doubts about Dimples, though if it's Brusty and Dubie, you're golden).

Also, it seems good teams strive to have the "old guy." The vet who's done his time, maybe in the show, maybe just lots of AHL/Europe/etc. and it appears they don't have that guy yet. Set your prayers to a Hrkac-type rather than a Steve Kelly-type.

To me, this looks like *maybe* a first round and out team.

What do you think?

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AeroFinn said...

Irmen in the 1st line? That would certainly be "interesting". I might just have to start watching baseball. At the moment (if the Aeros are going with this lot) I would see DiSalvatore there in the 1st line. I'm not particularly looking forward to see this team in action. And I thought I would never say that of any hockey team. I guess if you're not expecting anything, you can't be disappointed.

Ms. Conduct said...

Oh, no no no.... I'm not suggesting an actual depth chart here. Just listed guys as I came across them. Irms/Pouly/Earl all signed at the same time and were a LW/C/RW combo so I just left them like that.

Feel free to suggest lines though. It's not something I find very useful with this particular coaching regime, so I don't usually bother.

Rob said...

Just give me a moment to hopefully get it out of my system please. Gloom, despare, excessive misery. Mahatma K. Gandhi in a wishing well.

OK. That's that. I don't feel any better but at least my expectation level is low enough that it doesn't matter much anymore.

Hey John, how about a request? The Beatles, "I'm Down".

Go Aeros. Dang it.

Ms. Conduct said...

Rob, Rob, Rob. It will be fine. It's still a beautiful game (sorry soccer... you're not that beautiful) with beautiful boys and hits and fights and big saves and big goals and heroic PKs and something a little bit magical every time you watch.

Plus, the worse the team is, the funnier I get about it, so there's that to look forward to. ;)

Fred Trask said...

So the real question is will Heather become Elayne Boosler or Rosanne Barr?

Ms. Conduct said...

What is this, 1986? Aiming for more of a "Tina Fey obsessed with hockey" thing, Fred.

buddhafisch said...

I don't really have much to complain about, or worry about just yet. However, could you please offer me some reassurances, too? They don't even have to be about hockey. Just some general "it'll be OKs" or something like that.


(Why is it that my CAPTCHAs always seem to follow the theme of my comment. Today's is "Prosec" awfully close to Prozac.

Fred Trask said...

Well maybe a compromise then.

You could be the Manon Rheaume of comedy ...

Ms. Conduct said...

I wouldn't dream of doing that to Manon. I'm way funnier than I am a good goalie. So if you think I'm not funny, man, you should see me between the pipes baby! I'll make you cry!

Buddha, of course, honey. *hugs* It's all gonna be fine.

Fred Trask said...

Whoa, I think you're funny. Big time funny. I'm saying you can play with the big boys on their own turf.

And the way the Wild had addressed the needs of this team you're going to have to be damned funny.

Or the Aeros will need to actually hire Kelsey Grammer and not just write about him in the game notes.

Ms. Conduct said...

Oh I know YOU think I'm funny, but I'm sure some don't (keep your hands down, folks; I'm not looking to take a tally).

Boom goes the dynamite.

Seriously though... what else are you gonna do 40 nights a year? Watch tv? Spend time with your family? Pfft. Please. Hockey, bitches! Woo!!!

AeroFinn said...

I think the 1st line at the moment looks like this: xxx - xxx - xxx

Well maybe not quite that bad. We'll see..

Since it looks like the team won't do much this season they should
as a publicity stunt instead of Dominik Hashark get Rheaume (1GP in the IHL last year) and Hayley Wickenheiser in the wing.

Fred Trask said...

Well I'm the only one that counts huh . ;-)

Well if they gave us 40 nights of hockey we'll all be fine.

If they give us 40 nights of octogenarian's playing the National Anthem on kazoo's while wearing clown sunglasses and equally embarrassing hockey on the ice, then we might have a problem.

Right now they are closer to to the latter.

Ms. Conduct said...

LOL AF. Yeah, do think that's probably your top line. I just don't EVER want to see Madsen and Pouliot on the same line. If that happens, look up at the press box and you'll see me with clenched fists and chewing on the top of my laptop screen.

Manon? What? I'm not good enough?

Oh right, I'm not. *sigh*

Rob said...

Fred, Ms. C as Lucy Ricardo? :)

Feeling better already.

AeroFinn said...

Well at least the current roster is keeping this message board busy.

And who knows there might even be a miracle(The Aeros have been eating sniper powder all summer or smth like that)... in that case there would be loads of hockey experts on this message board changing their "names" mid-season. No more Ms.Conduct or Fred Trask...

Fred Trask said...

You got some 'splainin to do!

Or is that racist now?

Fred Trask said...

AeroFinn, I'd be very willing to eat several helpings of that crow!

Ms. Conduct said...

LOL That's actually pretty funny, Rob. Red head with the Hispanic last name. Need to get Mr.C working on a Cuban accent.

Sniper powder. HA!

AeroFinn said...

Very interesting. So you eat crows in Texas?
I've heard of "humble pie/words/hat", but "crow" is a new one to me... I think I will just rather be changing my "name" then...

Fred Trask said...

It's a tad stronger that eating your hat but certainly eating words fits. :-)


Josh said...

OK OK VOICE OF REASON HERE. We will be fine offensivly & Very good Defensivly Aero Finn Shame on you not giving KC much credit. His Track record 1000 times better than that of Daums So I say we will at least make the top 4 in the division

artsnhockey said...

Well, the suggested line up(s) certainly are bringing out the comedians in the fans ;-).
Talking about hotties.... Irmen and Falk for 'lovers of blondes'? Looks to me Cody Almond might JUST qualify (with his dark looks or locks, anyway) for a Beaudoin replacement(almost-we'll have to see him skate first!)-but, hey those almond shaped eyes can't be ruled out! And Kassian as replacement for Mitch Love?
What happened to beaut Crowley?
And word verification for me this time reads very much like FUNHOUSE LOL... a sign of the future? :)

CatTrick said...

Whatever. I'm too upset to laugh, altho my tears over Corey Locke being gone have let up just a bit. You see, the season past was my first as a verifiably obsessed Aeros/hockey fan. I fell in love with the whole damn team and now ... they're gone! I'm too emotionally drained to learn new players and faces - the familiarity was comforting, and so was the assumption that the guys would play a good game, or at least put up a good fight - or, if nothing else, just be nice to look at. Ms. C's words to Rob - "it's still a beautiful game with beautiful boys and hits" [there's nothing better than the sound of some dude getting slammed into the boards] "and fights and big saves and big goals and heroic PKs are something a bit magical every time you watch ... " remind me that yes, I will continue to love hockey. But I doubt if there are any players - certainly not those that will apparently comprise next season's Aeros - that can fire up my spirit the way Locke, Kolanos, Rosa, Schultz, Mojzis, Love, Hrkac, Scott, Albers, Olvecky, and Lammers did ... altho NOTHING could drive me to watch baseball! HOW CAN YOU LAUGH WHEN YOU KNOW I'M DOWN ... I'm really down ... I'm down ... down on the ground ...

Ms. Conduct said...

Cat, I feel you, girl. I promise, you're gonna love some of these new guys more than you expect. Hopefully between what we're doing here and what the Aeros do (Joe's interview and whatnot), we'll all get a feel for the new guys just like we had for the old.

It's gonna be just fine.

artsnhockey said...

Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.
Right on!
Yes, hockey sure gets you hooked, CatTrick. T'was the same for me and here I am, 'chomping at the bits' for more action on ice..
Hockey IS exciting whoever skates or goaltends?

AeroFinn said...

What was it that Mr. J. Seinfeld once said about being a sportsfan? That you basically just support/worship one colour of cloth over another colour...

Forecheck said...

So another season where we struggle to score 150 goals.... I thought a year ago it was recognized that offense was needed...

Anonymous said...

Cat, I know whereof you speak! I became hooked about 8 years ago and I've mourned the boys who moved on and thought I'd never get attached again. But you will and you'll mourn when they leave and it goes on and on every season. I'm always a little depressed before a new season starts because "it won't be the same." It's not, but it's a new start and that first game is so exciting. You won't forget the old guys, but you'll love the new ones. I'll always mourn Curtis Murphy's departure.

Rob said...

John, maybe and probably asking too much of you but can you spin up just one more request please? Eric Clapton's version of "Further On Up The Road". Please dedicate to 'whom it may concern' in every sports related front office, everywhere. Thanks.

Bring on October and drop the puck already.

AerosFan said...

Cody Almond cant replace Matt Beaudoin. Maybe skate wise..maybe. But not look wise--check their pics on google..they are worlds apart. :(
oh well....I guess I'll just start watching baseball...