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Monday, July 13, 2009

Awesome Interview with Mitch Love

From our friend Su Ring in Seattle, an awesome season wrap-up interview with Mitch. He's so full of win and awesome. Go read it. I insist! It's awesome! Awesome!!!

(Sorry, you're getting me on a post-hockey high where everything is AWESOME!)


John Royal said...

You sound like my nephew: "Awesome." Then again, that interview was kind of awesome.

Ms. Conduct said...

Right? Awesome with awesome sauce on a bed of warm awesome!

Fred Trask said...

Well, if you insist ...

With a side of awesome?

artsnhockey said...

I like it.
And Mitch's comments about KC...now THAT is AWESOME.
KC, when interviewed always sounds so .. how can I say it .. neutral? And yet, he must inspire the 'boyz on ice' to put out such efforts, which Mitch acknowledges so well in this interview, a good interview with the usual 'awesome' pix by Fred!
AWESOME - like a Baked Alaska- hard on the outside soft and sweet on the inside ;) ;)

B2Bomber said...

"It was amazing, something that all of us to this day still talk about and will remember when we're 40 or 50 years old."

Now that's a really nice comment Mitch...now I feel so ancient!