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Friday, July 17, 2009

Mic'd up with Jamie Fraser

Below is a video of something the Sound Tigers did last year. Some pretty good stuff.
This mic'd up is with new Aeros defenseman Jamie Fraser, who signed a two-way deal not too long ago. Last year at Bridgeport, he had 21 points (7 goals, 21 assists) and was tied for second on the team with a plus/minus rating of plus-13.

FYI ... Ryan Fraser, the referee (he wore No. 14 last year), is Jamie's cousin. Kerry Fraser, Ryan's dad (I guess) is his uncle.
Get all that? There will be a quiz. Seriously though, if this is not right, let us know.


Fred Trask said...

Ryan Fraser is indeed the son of Kerry (best hair in hockey) Fraser.

Kerry Fraser is Jamie's uncle so Ryan and Jamie are cousins, looks right to me.

Fred Trask said...

And how can you not love a D man who says this?

What hockey player did you idolize as a kid?

Bobby Orr, because he changed the way defensemen play the game. I try to model my play after him. He was so smooth skating the puck out of his own zone and could change the game with one rush.