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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A few more pre-game snacks...

Kudos to Dave Eminien for his excellent coverage of the Rivermen. I like getting a sense of what the opposing team's mindset is, though really, it's hard to get much more than the standard cliches this time of year. This isn't over, be disciplined, etc.

Anyway, here's his write-up today. As well, here's Andrew's game preview for the Chron.

I'm told by the team that Khudobin and Climie are the only goalies traveling with the team currently, but that Brust and/or Schaefer could join the team on the road trip if it continues to game 7.

Crazy times, folks. Gotta love the playoffs.

Afternoon Delight: Throwing a link to Joe O'Donnell's Tour de SLICE, which is pretty interesting. I have yet to figure out how the goalies get dressed in such a small space. But then they aren't getting dressed out of a bag like I do, so maybe that's the trick.

Also, we learn that Paul Albers is the waffle master and that there's a never-ending supply of ice cream in the lounge. I could make a joke here but I won't.


Fred Trask said...

Nice of Andrew to point this one out ...

Tonight the Aeros will try to do something they have only done once in franchise history: win Game 6 in a playoff series.

For an organization that has qualified for the playoffs 13 times in 15 years and has won two championships, a 1-6 record in Game 6s seems out of place.

Shaun Bill said...

Watching a little Cubs-Cards (Go Cubs!) action before heading to the rink.
I seriously have no idea what to expect tonight, once I get to the rink. I'd love to see the Rivs win just because a Game #7 would be a ton of fun to watch.

Fred Trask said...

Well Shaun Bill, you're not alone there. We NEVER know which Aeros team will show up to a game.

My prediction is that we'll see Anton pulled (which means Peoria will be happy since something good must have happened to chase him from net) and Climie will come in to either mop up (if it went too far) or save the day and stop the bleeding.

One thing is for sure, neither team is likely to be giving up.