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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game Six Aeros Video Preview

Here's the Game Six Preview from Aeros.com. The star of the show is definitely Mitch Love who appears to have fun with his time holding the microphone. Heather's already linked to some other video, but if want more audio and video, you can find lots of it over there.

As it is, back when this series started, I predicted the Aeros would win in six. And this is Game Six, so I'm sticking with that pick. I don't know which Aeros team will show up tonight, but it would be nice to see them take it to Peoria from the very start and just dominate the game all of the way through. I did sense a confidence from the team when I was down in the locker room after Game Five, and though they've said the right things all year, they seemed to really believe it this time.

The big problem as I see it is that this team has just been so damn good with coming from behind, that I can see them letting Peoria jump out to the lead again while they wait to kick it into gear in the third. But they know they can score on Legace -- I think they're over their awe of that guy -- and I think a fully healthy Krys Kolanos can kick them into gear early.

I'm not worried about Anton Khudobin. Maybe I should be. But I've come to grips with Khudobin. He's not had a lot of AHL time this year, and he's been thrown into the fire. Does he have his faults? Yes. But the key to the game will be the play in front of Khudobin. If the defense is tight and keeps Peoria away from the goal and keep the ice clear, then I think Khudobin will be okay. And if the offense spends the whole game pressing and keeps Peoria backed up, I think that will help also.

I'm not predicting the score. But I'm sticking with my choice of the Aeros winning this thing in six games. And look for Kolanos to have a big game.


Shaun Bill said...

Hello from Peoria!
Wierd weather here. I live about 10 miles outside of town. Came through a downpour on the way in, with teh sun shining brightly through it all.
Sittign down press row from me tonight is Don Koharski and a whole bunch of scouts. The Nashville Predators are heavily represented.

Shaun Bill said...

Except for the brief downpour, it has been a beautiful day in Peoria. High about 85 with enough solar radiation coming through the lods to tinge my skin pink while I was watch my son at little league practice (and helping with my daughter's Tee Ball practice.)
There were a few boats out on the Illinois River as I came across the Murray Baker Bridge.
The RIvermen are competing witht he weather and a Peoria Chiefs game (low-A minor affilaite of my beloved Chicago Cubs). The Chiefs have a fireworks show every Saturday - damn impressive show, actually. I am guessing 2500 tonight, but it could be more.

Fred Trask said...

Tell Don that Houston congratulates him on his NHL career and wishes him a happy retirement.

Shaun Bill said...

Oh, yeah.
Prom night just about everywhere.
I passed a caar with two couples all decked out.

Shaun Bill said...

There is a large banner on the wall at the Peoria Civic Center with various players pictured.
The largest is a 15' picture of Jason Christie hoisting the 2000 Kelly Cup (ECHL).
Christie is here tonight, and, as everyone knows, 15' is almost exactly triple his actual size.

For those of you who haven't been here, there are small banners on another wall. Those include Turner Cup Championships from 1985 and 1991, the Kelly Cup Campionship of 2000 and another commemorating the longest winning streak in professional hockey - 18 games in the fall of 1990.
Retired numbers include:
9 - Doug Evans
6 - Tony Twist
22 - Kelly Chase

...warm-ups are about over.

Fred Trask said...

I assume Anton is starting and Kolanos is skating ...

Any news on scratches?

Obviously Holt and Fraser, Brust, Schaefer

Shaun Bill said...

Waiting word on scratches.

Didn't see Junlad warming up for the RIvs, but I wasn't paying very close attention...

Shaun Bill said...

Houston scratches...

Peoria Scratches

Fred Trask said...

Thanks ...

Hrkac is a shocker ...

Shaun Bill said...

As is Junland

Shaun Bill said...

Kyle Rehman is the referee for tonight.

Aeros drawing a few, scattered boos as they come onto the ice.
Lights down for Rivs intro.

Shaun Bill said...

Rivs are so very lucky to be tied at this point.