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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barry Brust Has A Broken Foot

Okay, I missed this little tidbit in Russo from earlier in the week, so if you've seen it, you're better than me. But Barry Brust has a broken foot. Trust me, there is some efforting going on amongst the T3I staff to find out just how serious the break is, but there you have it. That's why he's not playing.

Once again, I apologize for missing that earlier this week when it came out. I'm assuming this means that he's out for however long the rest of the playoffs will be. But I still haven't seen anything regarding the status of Nolan Schaefer's injury.


Forecheck said...

With Nolan an UFA and Brust with a possibly a glass foot now, Khudobin could be our starter next year. Better get a veteran back-up ready.

DMiketon said...

Brust will be back next year this won't slow him down. He is a strong goalie and is very underestimated!