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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wager

You'll read more from the guys over at Admirals Short Shifts in a few minutes, but they really crossed a line this morning by running some Texas smack and suggesting Wisconsin somehow has something on us. Hogwash. Though I've heard it's lovely there in the summer.

Anyway, we've got a bit of a wager going on during the series, which you can read about here. Andrew suggested sending them a Whataburger wrapper as a teaser if the Aeros win one up there. I dunno if that will happen, but damn, I do know what I'm having for lunch today.

Keep tabs on their site throughout the series, as it's not quite as glorious as T3I but better than what most AHL teams have and pretty funny.

Also, recall that this is the team Matt Beaudoin may be looking to give a big middle finger to for not signing him out of camp. He's hot in the playoffs. Well, he's hot all the time. But you know... hockey-wise...

Anyway... go check 'em out and give 'em some Texas Friendly in the comments. ;)


Admirals Short Shifts said...

For the record - we LOVE Whataburger!!!!

A friend in college (the first person I knew that was actually from Texas) wouldn't stop talking about it for three years.

Ms. Conduct said...

Oh, well, then maybe you will get an empty wrapper in the mail... :) In fact, I followed through and actually did have it for lunch. Oh man, good stuff.