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Saturday, May 28, 2011

View from the Press Box - B-Sens win Game 2 in OT

Well, it's 2003 all over again.


Save for three extra overtime periods, the Aeros are in the same spot they were in after two games in 2003 when they split the first two games in Hamilton.

They won the first game in regulation, lost the second game in (FOUR) OTs.

So before everyone starts bombarding us with comments about the game-losing goal or how bad the second period was, just think for a moment how this weekend could have gone had the Aeros been 100 percent.

I think they were extremely tired.

They are 1-1 in the finals, and they have not even played their best hockey yet. Fatigue has to be a factor right now, adn three days off is a God-send for the Aeros, who need to win one of the next three games to send the series back to Toyota Center.

The Aeros have played six games in the last 12 days and had travel mixed in with the emotional demons of having to worry about blowing a 3-0 series lead.

God, I hate to sound like a homer, but man, the Aeros should have had two to three more power plays in the game - especially early in the third period.

Not going to say much more about that; the Aeros had their chances to win the game, and I am looking forward to seeing what they can do on the road and in a building where the Senators are just 4-4 in the postseason.

I think O'Sullivan, DiSalvatore and Rau are going to have a fun week up there.

Anyway ... now ... what are your thoughts on the game?


IanNFisher12 said...

I'm going to flame it, officiating, why oh why, anyone wanna comment on the goal in the 2nd period that was, but wasn't, but was? I told Chris walking around after the game, Ms. Conduct was going to have a cow (some cursing was omitted) but yeah, I personally believe the Aeros got cheated out of a game, in my expert biased opionion.

John Royal said...

So has Commissioner David Andrews been seen in the building? If so, has anyone asked him about the crappy officiating, or is that something I'm going to have follow up on in Binghamton if he dares to show his face there?

CatTrick said...

What was the deal with that goal? I still have no idea why it was disallowed, except for incompetent officials. What was the 'official' reason? LOL ... my verification word is flork. As in, "What the flork was that official thinking when he made that stupid call? Why the flork didn't he allow the Aeros goal?"

Forecheck said...

Andrews was there and was interviewed during the second intermission by the Binghamton TV team.

No goal. The puck was dead the moment the puck hit squarely on the Binghamton player's stick.

Anonymous said...

To expand on what Forecheck said, there was a delayed penalty against the Sens. Aeros had control of the puck, the Sens player touched it, the play was whistled dead (I heard the whistle) and then it was shot into the goal. No goal because the play was already stopped. That sucks but it was the right call in that instance.

B2Bomber said...

I was not displeased with the team last night. I think they'll be able to take the B-Sens and I don't think we'll have another game in the Toy Box.

John Royal said...

Yeah that's all fine, but has anybody asked Andrews about the overall crappy level of officiating throughout the playoffs, and whether the Heberts and Koharski are really the best the league can do? If so, has anybody asked what the league plans to do in the future about improving the quality of the officiating?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the Western Conference Trophy has not been presented to the team. According to the Aeros FB Page, it was supposed to be done Friday night but couldn't because the AHL president's flight was delayed. So why wasn't it presented last night. What better time than when there's a good crowd? Has Binghamton received their trophy?

IanNFisher12 said...

@ Anonymous from my limited knowledge as an intern in my first season, I know we have the trophy, as you saw last night, and we have been planning on presenting it, the first night was because of the president yes, the second night I think we already had it set up in the main concourse like you saw last night, like I said I really don't know why, all I know is we were planning on it.

Anonymous said...

@IanNFisher..Perhaps there's a good reason the trophy couldn't be transported from the concourse to the ice for presentation? It's a pity to miss a chance to honor the team in front of a huge crowd with the media finally paying some attention. After the fact it will be pretty anticlimactic for the fans and the team.

Justin said...

The goal was disallowed like was said, cause play was blown dead from the delayed penalty. For those who think it was incidental contact, it was the Senator who tried shovel passsing/pushing the puck under goalie Robin Lehner to stop play, instead it went into the net. Because of the delayed penalty, that shovel pass, shows possession by the Sens and not incidental contact and why the play ended at the whistle immediately.

As for Binghamton, no they have not received their conference trophy yet either. The AHL says it will be awarded Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I miss Matt Kassian!!! so do a lot of us fans! I think he would bring more presence and toughness and this would help the team win. coaches could easily sit Daoust or Palmer. Or even Almond. Almond has no goals in 20 games.

ICEVET said...

Andrew Ferraro said: "I think O'Sullivan, Rau and DiSalvatore are going to have a fun week up there (Bingo)".....

Hope So! IMO the Aeros can prevail in one or more games at Bingo (and the SERIES) if TWO things happen:

1. Matt Hackett, quickly, improves his "efficiency" (89.8 pre-series, 95.8 Game 1 and 90.5 Game 2) to REDUCE the out-sized disadvantage to Robin Lehner (93.2 pre-series, 95.0 Game 1 and 96.5 Games 2)

...this mathematical disadvantage mandates that the Aeros offense generate substantially MORE SOG against Lehner to compensate (more incremental goals) for Hackett's "relative deficiency" in handling FEWER SOG.

...the Aeros huge Game 1 SOG advantage (40-24) powered their WIN...while coming up short in Game 2, in the absence of a significant Game 2 SOG advantage (29-21).

2. The O'Sullivan, Rau, DiSalvatore Line improves its SOG level and scoring "efficiency".

...Line 1 has generated 27% of SOG in each game, but has failed to pot a puck in 19 tries (0-11 Game 1 and 0-8 Game 2). Should Bingo continue to contain this Line, the Aeros remaining firepower may not be sufficient to overcome the (foregoing) netminder problem.

Bingo's 4-4 record includes 2 losses by Lehner (Portland Series), so it will be interesting to see what the Aeros can do in a much smaller and very noisy Barn (capacity 4500).

Go Aeros!!!

Forecheck said...

@John -

I would love to ask Andrews that question. I might even send him a snail mail. (I did so after Harding was cheap shotted by Taffe and Taffe only got four games. Andrews actually sent a personal reply back which showed he did, indeed read my letter in detail.)

I think if you asked, he would give a stock answer that the AHL is a developmental league for officials as well, so all AHL refs need to work playoff games, not just the best, and that the officiating has been no different than the regular season so what are you complaining about?

Second, if you asked him as a member of the press or in a TV interview, that might be the last question you ask at an AHL event, ever.

@ICE - The B-Sens did an excellent job of keeping our shots down. That kept Lehner fresh well into OT despite the Houston humidity.

One neutral zone mistake ends up in our net and ends the game. You can't cough it up against these guys - they are too fast and have too many shooters.

I don't know what is wrong with Sully - if he is dinged up or tired - but his performance seems to decline with each game. It would also help if he would participate more in the defense rather than skating in circles looking for a break-out pass. Then again, when he did go in and participate, he got tagged for slashing, so be carefull what you wish for.

Gillies and Almond can be one-man wrecking crews on the forecheck, assuming they don't get carried away and take silly penalties. A little discretion is advised.

I do think the B-Sens are the better team, but it not something that can't be overcome with desire, hustle, and coaching.


sam said...

The B-Sens did play a much better game and were able to get some rushes going but really I felt all four lines of the Aeros were strong against the B-Sens and i quite frankly didn't expect them to be that good with back to back games and the lack of rest between series.

For a team prior to meeting the Aeros who were avaeraging 4 goals a night as well had a dangerous power play, the Aeros effectively shut them down, and limited shots tremendously, and it seems like they might have been served a dose of reality. The way things were going in the third and in ot i was confident the Aeros were going to win that game.

I agree with icevet, the first line is going to be key in getting pucks in the net for future success in this series. The Aero's have gifted scorers who are struggling to get the job done.

@ Forecheck, I agree Sully would do well to get more involved, in the play at times, although it is likely that he is a litle banged up. At the same time he has been defensively responsible for the most part, and his problem is really that he is suffering a scoring drought. He is still getting lots of opportunity for shots, and he creates lots of opportunity for others. I thought he was fantastic in game 7. That tremendous work on the goal by DiSalvatore doesn't happen without O'Sullivan's incredible effort on the rush and a beautiful pass. Last night Rau could have finished it off with 12 seconds left on a beautiful play by O'Sullivan. He is still there but this team needs him to score plain and simple and they need the other scorers to get it going as well.

I was so impressed with the Aeros the first few games, and with some rest i think they can get a whole lot better. I think it is going to be a challenge as the B-Sens might approach this team with a little more respect and intensity after the first two games, but I think the Aeros can match them.

bobkaddy said...

From the Bingo point of view i feel fortunate to have come out of there with a split. You are the only team who has shut us down all post season. Your team seems bigger than ours and we are not putting our speed to good use, which is a credit to Houston.... As for the officiating, it was the correct call on the waived off goal, the delayed penalty was enforced as we touched the puck... I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder because we are all wondering how the refs could miss Sullivans blatant spear of Zach Smith , then call such a borderline call in OT on us.....I think we will play better up here, but i have a feeling this series is going 7 games....

Forecheck said...


You saw that, huh? I was hoping I didn't see it.

ICEVET said...

Reviewing the AHL's ARCHIVES (2006-2011) on Calder Cup FINALIST Netminders, the Record reflects that Robin Lehner now holds the second BEST (93.5 SV%) Efficiency Rating, while Matt Hackett holds the second WORST (90.1 SV%) Efficiency Rating of FINALISTS in Calder Games over a 6-year span (winners and losers below):

2006 (21 games)
W-Fred Cassivi....93.1%,2.10GA
L-Pekka Rinne.....90.5%,2.86GA

2007 (22 games)
W-Carey Price.....93.6%,2.06GA
L-Fred Cassivi....90.8%,2.62GA

2008 (24 games)
W-Ovdrej Pavelec..92.1%,2.34GA
L-John Curry......89.9%,2.83GA

2009 (22 games)
L-Corey Schneider.92.2%,2.15GA

2010 (22 games)
L-Matt Climie.....91.6%,2.71GA
L-Brent Krahn.....92.4%,2.48GA

Robin Lehner......93.5%,2.27GA
Matt Hackett......90.1%,2.44GA

Please Note: The Goalie with the BEST efficiency (SV%) has always prevailed and hoisted the Calder Cup....hopefully, 2011 will be different (for the Aeros).


Justin said...

The VMA in Binghamton seats 4,710 (plus sky boxes, not included in attendance figures) and between season ticket holders who purchased the entire playoff package and round-by-round packages sold... there were less than 1000 tickets to sell for each game, and as of Monday evening there were only some single seats left total for the round. There will be block parties around the Arena and bars/restaurants all over town will be tuned in! This is only Bingo's third appearance in a Finals and first since the spring of 1982.