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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photos from a game 7 victory

It was difficult last night to push this game out of my head. I started my game with the knowledge that they went to the 1st intermission with Gillies having just scored the tying goal.

But it was a tremendous relief to learn (after hoisting a championship trophy on my own... well, my team's own... WOOOO!) that I had two reasons to celebrate. And boy did I. Please to stop spinning, room....

Anyway, enjoy this now but there's a LOT of work that lies ahead. It only gets harder from here. Now begins the task of figuring out Hamilton. And praying to the deity of your choice that Binghamton also beats Charlotte in the Eastern Conference Finals. #BrustyTime!

So, here are my favorite pics but go to the link at the end as there are a TON of great ones. Many thanks to Chris "Suck Minus" Jerina for the shots.

Gillies goal at the end of the first. The puck is right behind Smith's stick.
Hackett needs an extra jersey made up that says "SCOREBOARD" on the back for these folks. ;)
I dunno. Seems pretty unsucky to me. Nice snag.
Oops! Aeros second goal. How many times did this "goalie stuck behind the net" goal almost happen to Houston? Cannot believe it didn't. Yet.
McMillan's face is priceless here.
Here's Wellman's goal. Based on this and the pic Andrew posted, it looks like Smith's weight was a little too far back and he fell backwards a bit when he butterflied. If he'd kept his torso and butt up, I think he would have had that. So thanks to the hockey gods for giving him a little shove in the chest....
Sully and Spurgeon do their best NHL 94 celebration

"You were awesome. Also, I think I may need a body guard next time I come here."

You can see the rest of the 6 pages of photos (phew!) right here. Thanks again to Chris for all his great work this season. Maybe we can convince him to travel a bit and shoot a little more... :)


Anonymous said...

Ms C...congratulations to you and your team!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks once again for some awesome pictures. On page 4, picture #70, there's a fan in the background flipping off the Aeros. Great timing! lol