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Friday, May 27, 2011

No so fearless prediction

Unlike my game-to-game results, my record in correctly predicting the Aeros' result in the playoffs has been fairly spot on this year.

Before every series, the Chronicle runs my matchup sheet and a prediction. Here is the one for this Calder Cup finals series against the Binghamton Senators. I have picked the Aeros to win in seven games, because I feel that with home ice advantage, they should be able to win three of four at home and steal on in New York.

I do think a win tonight is crucial, especially considering the Senators have not played in nine days. Remember that Game 1 against Milwaukee?

Since I took over the beat in 2002, the Aeros have played in 15 playoff series. They have been to the finals twice, and are 2-for-3 in the Conference finals round since then. In 15 tries, I have successful picked the series winner 10 times (.667 winning percentage for you stats freaks.) That record would be much better, but I was not a believer in 2009.

I had zero faith in that team because of the goaltending situation ...but as they say, they just wanted it more in seven-game wins over the Rivermen and Admirals.

As an unbiased member of the media, and one who has not seen Binghamton play one game this season, I think the Aeros are more prepared to win a championship. It is my opinion that the Eastern Conference was significantly weaker, and I don't think the Senators have been challenged (in the same ways the Aeros have) this postseason.

I came to the Aeros-in-Seven conclusion based on the fact that I see the Aeros splitting here this weekend, winning just one of three in New York and then coming home to win two straight for the title.

Although I do not cheer for the Aeros to win, I would like to see them skate around the Toyota Center with the Calder Cup trophy on June 9. I think they will be able to contain the Senators four lines of fury, eek out of few more close wins and close this thing out with a 3-2 win in game 7.

Here's to hoping my meaningless .677 winning percentage improves yet again.

2003 (4-0)
Aeros in five over Milwaukee (Aeros won in four)
Aeros in seven over Norfolk (Aeros in six)
Aeros in seven over Grand Rapids (Aeros in seven)
Aeros in seven over Hamilton (Aeros in seven)

2004 (0-1)
Aeros in three over Cincinnati (Mighty Ducks in two)

2005 (1-0)
Wolves in six over Aeros (Chicago in five)

2006 (1-1)
Aeros in six over Peoria (Aeros in four)
Aeros in seven over Milwaukee (Admirals in four)

2007 (DNQ)

2008 (0-1)
Aeros in seven over Rockford (IceHogs in five)

2009 (1-2)
Rivermen in Six over Aeros (Aeros in seven)
Admirals in Seven over Aeros (Aeros in seven)
Manitoba in six over Aeros (Moose in six)

2010 (DNQ)

2011 (3-?)
Aeros in seven over Peoria (Aeros in four)
Aeros in seven over Milwaukee (Aeros in seven)
Aeros in seven over Hamilton (Aeros in seven)
Aeros in seven over Binghamton (?????)

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artandhockey said...

Aeros in 7-
because they want us fans to have the joy seeing the CUP carried around in the TC! LOL!
So with sonme Lady Luck and FAIR officiating list on my blog if interested.
Sorry to Locke and Brust fans.. for me in this it is GO AEROS.