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Friday, May 13, 2011

RIP Derek Boogaard

We hate writing things like this, but sometimes we just have to sit down and do it. It has been confirmed that former Aero and Wild and current New York Ranger Derek Boogaard, age 28, was found dead in his Minneapolis apartment by his family this evening.

Not many more details are known, and I'm sure we'll learn those as the day pass. But on behalf of those us here at T3I, I extend our sympathies to the Boogaard family.


Anonymous said...

We heard this on our way out of Toyota Center tonight. What sad news and tragedy to lose someone so young. Prayers for his family and friends. We always enjoyed watching him play when he was here, with the Wild, and then with the Rangers. RIP Derek. You will be missed.

Forecheck said...

This is a stunner. Same week that Stoner's brother was killed in an on-the-job accident.

As far as I know, nobody on the current team played with Derek in Houston. Is that correct?

Myy prayers will be with both the Boogaard and Stoner families.

John Royal said...

@FC: I know that Matt Kassian knew him, and that Kassian had played with one of his brothers. And I think that Colton Gillies spent his season with the Wild at the same time that Boogaard was there.

I'm not sure about the rest of the team, though it's possible that Robbie Earl and Max Noreau may have played during some late-season/injury call-ups a couple of seasons ago.

B2Bomber said...

So sad for such a young man. My condolences to the Boogard family.

artandhockey said...

I believe Aaron Boogard was playing early this season with the team, but was released.

It is a shame, he died so young!

This seems to be the year for disasters...natural, man made, and to people we know (Helen Brown, Boogard, Stoner and if you recall
to other former Aeros' families.
We all offer our sincerest condolences.

Jen said...

Total shock last night. I was following tweets on the game and this news dropped in and I suddenly didn't care much any more.