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Friday, May 13, 2011

This Is A Test

Hello, hello. Anybody out there?

Blogger, which is what we post on, has been down since early yesterday afternoon. It appears to be back now, so we'll be trying to get stuff up throughout the day before the game.

But if Blogger goes down, we'll try to find a way to post stuff somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I'm here! Glad it's back up! Can't wait for the game tonight!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking for your previews and predictions. Glad you're back!! Can't wait for tonight.

Forecheck said...

Is Blogger run by the same people who try to run AHLLive?

Forecheck said...

FYI, I have been getting a lot of errors the past month or so when trying to post.

The most common is a Blogger sign in error because my cookies aren't enabled. Only problem is they are enabled.

Then there is the also fairly frequent "cannot process your request".

Of course, your post is lost in eiher, so I've taken to doing the post in Notepad then cutting and pasting.