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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Final Hamilton Thoughts and Story Links

Look in the background at Mike Yeo's smile.

Here's some links to some news stories from last night's game. Here's my Press story. Here is Heather's story from Pro Hockey News. And here is the write-up in the Chron from Andrew.

Chronicle columnist Jerome Solomon was also at last night's game, and he wrote a very good column on the game that really captures the essence of this team. So go read his, after you read mine.

Here's the story from the Hamilton side, especially their view of the DiSalvatore goal.

I don't know what more to say about that goal, though I think Andrew's working on something about Hamilton was robbed on it. I had a bad angle. I put up my one good photo of the sequence. And it looked to me as if Terry Koharski was actually in a good position to see everything that was happening. However, there have been countless times during this playoff run where it's looked like Hackett or MacIntyre or Jeremy Smith had control of the puck and play should be stopped but instead the officials let the whack-a-goalie approach go on and on and on and on, so why should it have suddenly changed for this game?

It's a shame that this all comes down to the officiating, but in a way, I think we all suspected that the guys in the zebra stripes would have too much of a say in how it all ended, and I hope that the AHL will use these playoffs to reevaluate how they assess officials because countless goals calls were missed, and penalties were missed while phantom calls were made.

As I said last night, I won't be around for games one and two of the Finals because of previously booked vacation plans. But I've been informed that our Milwaukee Bureau Chief, Chris Jerina will be around, so it looks like there'll be photos of those games after all. But I've booked my flights, hotel, etc., and contacted Binghamton media relations, and I will be there for games four and five.


Chris Jerina said...

Amazing how it gets to Game 7, and the number of penalties called drops from ~8-13 to a grand total of 4.

Maybe the refs should treat every game as a Game 7, or take on a new philosophy... WWJSD or What Would Jeff Smith Do?

artandhockey said...

So you saw that too., Chris! WWJSD IS a hoot!

artandhockey said...

RE this quote"There isn’t a person in hockey who would’ve predicted this group would make the AHL’s Final Four a couple months ago. In a life-and-death battle just to make the playoffs there was plenty of reason to believe they’d be on the outside looking in when the post-season began. But the 8-1 run they put together to end the season didn’t just put them into the tournament but amazingly won them the North Division" This could have been written about thge AEROS aswell. Hm, the joys and sorrows of hockey are universal -regardless from which side's one looks at it!