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Friday, May 27, 2011

View from the Press Box - Aeros rally to take Game 1

In front of the largest playoff crowd (8,018) since Game 5 of the 2003 AHL finals, the Aeros rallied with there third-period goals en route to a 3-1 win Friday night at Toyota Center.

The Ortmeyer-Peters-Gillies line was (by far) the best unit on the ice. Period.

(Hope you enjoy these two amazing photos by Chris Jerina, who went through travel hell to get here in time for Game 1.)

Other than a poor decision by Matt Hackett that led to the game's first goal, the Aeros systematically shut down the Senators' attack. The highest scoring team in the playoffs lost a game in which they scored first and they lost a game in which they led after two periods.

The Aeros found a new gear in the third period and other than a few tense moments late in the game, really outplayed the Senators, who were playing their first game in nine days.

The Aeros are not 3-0 in championship-round Game 1s. Tomorrow, they will get a chance to win a Game 2 for the first time every. Senators coach Kurt Kleinendorst was pretty upset in the post game presser. Basically he said he had no IDEA which team that was.

I expect part of this to be fatigue, but this is the kind of game the Aeros play when the game is close in the second and third period. They never give up and they will come at you until the final horn sounds.

If you thought Game 1 was intense, just wait until tomorrow night.


B2Bomber said...

Yes, Hackett spotted them the first goal but the boys earned the game. They were stifiling on the ice tonight and literally wore the B-Sens down. The Sens were gassed at the end of the game. I think if the guys can control their emotions on the ice and not turn pucks over so frequently we've got a shot on taking this series.

Forecheck said...

Only 8K? Thought we had over 10K for sure.

The B-Sens are every bit as good as the B-Dogs, and maybe a tad faster. Really good passers, too. And yet another big goalie to deal with.

Yeo's strategy seemed to be right on the mark. Other than installing a leash to retrieve wayward goalies who wander out of the crease too long, and trying to improve a rather weak PP, I wouldn't change anything.

Officiating could have improved, but wasn't as bad as it has been lately. Elbowing call on Spurgeon looked pretty lame.

So far my predictionof the B-Sens winning in seven is right on track. Please, guys, blow it out of the water Saturday!

ICEVET said...

Ms. C said that "the Aeros are already in Championship Gear"...

CONFIRMED (in spades!)... as Jed Ortmeyer, a man obsessed with lifting the Calder Cup, led the TEAM to one of their best THIRD periods in recent memory.

The TEAM was well-prepared by the coaching staff, kept their sticks on the ice, and completely took the Sens out of their game plan, forcing the Sens to play Aero Hockey for 60 minutes.

BTW Aeros fans should not be overly frustrated by Hackett's judgment error...he is learning "under fire" and rose to make some great saves on point-blank shots in the Third.

Go Aeros!!!

IanNFisher12 said...

I had the honor to meet Chris tonight, what a warrior, he told me all of his travel troubles to get here, you have one great photographer Andrew.

Wykdfairie said...

I really want to buy a bungee cord and attach it to the back of Hackett. So everytime he trys to leave the crease, he gets snapped back. LOL I do give him credit for doing a great job, but I would rather see him in the net and not giving me heart attacks.

artandhockey said...

@wykdfairie.. HEAR HEAR