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Monday, May 30, 2011

In flight and photos from Game 2

Well, gang, the Aeros looked the other way while I sneaked into the luggage compartment of the charter flight they're taking up to Bingo. So, T3I will be with you all week, live in Binghamton, covering morning skates, games, and any other trouble I can find.

It's just Ms.C for now but John is getting in for the Friday and Saturday games and maybe Drew makes an appearance if we get lucky. I'll do my best to get you good info all week.

Credit to the Wild for stepping up for some nice travel arrangements. I saw lots of players' faces light up as they boarded the plane. In particular, one tall defenseman had the biggest reaction, even though he's spent plenty of time with the Wild flying just as swankily.

Just goes to show how much it's appreciated, but especially by the extra tall boys who would otherwise have their knees up by their noses in coach.

Anyway, without further ado, here are Chris "Beer Me" Jerina's photos of Game 2. If you want to see all of them, along with Saturday's morning skate, go here.

Okay, just ONE Brusty pic. Because... well... just look. *wolf whistle*
Awesome shot of Carson McMillan rendering his mouth guard useless
Bags doesn't get enough love here, but this is a nice shot.
Okay, back to goalies...
Oh my....
For the Locker fans...

Bunch more where these came from. In the mean time, I need a nap. Gonna be a busy week.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you!

artandhockey said...

Lovely photos... there are so mnay.. hard to say which are best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chris, for more awesome photos. They are enjoyed and appreciated.

Hope the T3I gang has a great time in Binghamton. It's really nice the guys got to fly in style this trip. They so deserve it!!

Forecheck said...

Rendering mouth guards useless.

I've seen more and more of this as the years go by. Don't these guys know how much danger they are putting themselves in?

Where I work, you can be disciplined or terminated for not wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment), which is what a mouth guard is for a hockey player.