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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Fearless Prediction

Even on the road and away from the team, I can see that I'm the only one around here willing to go on the record with a Calder Cup final prediction. And since all I know about the Senators consists of their barely making the playoffs, and of Corey Locke and Barry Brust being on the team, I'm going to go with the one thing I do know, and that's the Aeros.

So the Aeros win it all. But since it's the Aeros, there will be a lot of heartbreak and grinding of teeth. And since they don't do simple, I say they win in seven. And since I'm out of town for the next several games, I'll see all of you for game 4 from Binghamton.


Forecheck said...
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John Royal said...

@FC. Do you not see a post? I can see it on my iPhone.

alw02 said...

Aeros in 7. Bingo's offense scares me with our goalie and defense breakdowns.

Forecheck said...

It shows up now.

I dug up some data last night which I hope I can reproduce here. I focused solely on the playoffs, since that is all that matters now.

I didn't find everything I wanted, but this is what I could dig up in short amount of time.

Head Coach Aeros : Mike Yeo
B-Sens: Kurt Kleinendorst

Advantage : Aeros (though Kleinendorst is good enough to be rumored as considered for the Sens job next season).

Aeros B-Sens Advant

Playoff Record 12-6 12-5 Even

2nd/3rd Round
opponents' record 12-7 12-6 Even
prior to 2nd
/3rd round

Goals/game 2.94 3.94 B-Sens

GA/game 2.83 2.88 Even

SH/G 33 35 Even

SHA/G 27 36 Aeros

Shoot% 8.9 11.2 B-Sens

Save % 89.6 92.0 B-Sens

PPG/game 0.94 1.06 Even

PK % 81.4 81.5 Even

SHG 0 5 B-Sens

SHGA 4 1 B-Sens

PIM/game 10.6 8.3 B-Sens

Starting Goalie
Yrs Pro 1 2 Even
(neither have prior playoff exp.)

What this seems to imply is it is the B-Sens offense vs. our average at best PK and low save percentage, offset by fewer SOG allowed by the Aeros. Also factor in the B-Sens proclivity at scoring shorties and our tendency to give the freakin' things up.

Also need to factor in the general "West is stronger than the East" arguement.

I have to go against my heart and say B-Sens in Seven. If not for the West being thought stronger, I would have to say six.

Of course my track record is not good:

Aeros over Rivermen in six
Admirals over Aeros in seven
Aeros over Bulldogs in seven (hey got one right!)

Aeros win games 1,4,& 6

GO AEROS! Prove me wrong again!