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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thoughts From Airport Hell

First, I'm stuck in the hell that is O'Hare Airport as United/Continental has messed up another of my flights, but here's my Houston Press game story. I point you to it because of the quotes from Wellman, Yeo and Gillies. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2011/05/aeros_celebrate.php And because I'm posting by iPhone -- I'm not paying for internet access -- I had to paste the link. I hope it works.

One final thing. I didn't see what Matt Hackett did to supposedly offend the
Milwaukee fans, but they were giving it to him pretty good in games six and seven, so it was probably just a natural reaction.

P.S.: if anyone in charge at O'Hare is reading this would you please turn on the damn A/C in Terminal One/Concourse B down at Gate 2 where those little fans you put out just aren't cutting it.


Anonymous said...

I hate O'Hare!! You have my sincere sympathy. Great article over at the Press. Your efforts to be there (at the game) in person are appreciated. I love reading about the win and appreciate all the pictures from all the contributors.

IanNFisher12 said...

I have two words for you sir, Southwest Airlines. But I appreciate your coverage of our great hockey team and the beauty that is Houston hockey.

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

With all the cheap fares to/from Milwaukee, why didn't you fly directly into MKE? Flying into O'Hare is nuts, especially on either of the airport's two 'anchor hub' carriers (American and United/Continental).

John Royal said...

Houston to Chicago was cheaper than Houston to Milwaukee, even factoring in the rental car. And there were more flight options, espcially going on short notice. And the problem wasn't so much with O'Hare, there were problems with the actual airplanes, though O'Hare is an awful place to be stuck in, and I've been stuck in a lot of airports.

And as a tall person, I despise and hate the concept of Southwest Airlines and that whole cattle car concept.