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Friday, May 27, 2011

View from Morning Skate

Quick update from morning skate where we're now watching Binghamton's morning skate. Or morning stand-around at this point.

The Aeros did a fairly quick skate geared toward getting the sticks and feet moving. Nothing much to report, other than Kassian skated with the Black Aces and Yeo says Wellman will start the game on the 4th line like he did in game 7 vs. Hamilton. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Compared to Binghamton, they run a fairly sober skate. Bingo has looked really loose both days I've seen them practice, even though yesterday was a pretty tough practice for them. Hard to judge though, since I haven't been to many other morning skates for Houston. Just thought it was interesting to note.

Yeo said after that he's excited. This is what you go through the 80-game grind for. This is what it's all about.

Stopping Binghamton's insane offense is obviously the biggest challenge. Yesterday, Bingo worked 3 on 1s pretty hard. Today it's 2 on 1s. You think they've got a bead on Houston's penchant for turnovers? Yes they do.

As Yeo said, even if you limit Binghamton's chances, it's not enough. "They don't need a lot of quality chances to put the puck in the net."

I'll have more from the Binghamton room later this afternoon, where we talked to Locke and Brusty (everybody swoon with me...) and coach Kleinendorst. Actually, Joy Lindsay, Binghamton's beat writer talked to them. I stood there and admired them. My job is awesome.

Y'all fired up? I'm excited. This is fun.


artandhockey said...

we all are salivating to hear about B and L and such chats!

Anonymous said...

what??? Kassian is not going to be in the lineup AGAIN??? He's my fav player & lots of other fans too! don't understand why Yeo keeps sitting him??????? totally totally sucks!

John Royal said...

Anon: who would you sit so Kassian can play? It's easy to complain, but give your lineup. I like Matt, but seriously, who do you sit? We're not in a situation like with Bulmer who hadn't played with the team before the playoffs. And the fourth line was really effective after the lineup shuffle.