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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bulmer Out/Kassian In

A brief injury update. Brett Bulmer is out today, and Matt Kassian is in. We couldn't confirm the seriousness of Bulmer's injury -- the Aeros wouldn't give out that info -- but I'm guessing that it's more than just one of those day-to-day things.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Bulmer is hurt, but it sure was good to see Matt out there knocking the other team around. Hope we see more of him.

ICEVET said...

Please confirm the Game 3 status on Carson McMillan.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...
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Anonymous said...

Never like to see a player hurt. But in my opinion, Kassian should have been in all along. Still don't understand the coaching decision to have him sit. Doesn't seem right to do that to a vet who got you here.