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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aeros win Game 7, Advance to play Hamilton

Jeremy Smith may have been the better goalie in this series, but Matt Hackett made two unbelievable saves with time winding down to set up Casey Wellman's game-winner.

There is a picture of that sucker on the left side of this post taken by none other than Chris Bone Daddy Jerina.

I know John is working hard up in Beer City right now, so I wanted to provide my thoughts after listening to Joe O'Donnell's great call on AM 1070 tonight. Of the two play-by-play guys, the Aeros definitely have the edge there. Sims is OK, but screams way, way too much for my taste.

Joe has a certain edge to him and has improved so much during his stint in Houston that it is more than a pleasure to listen to him when the Aeros are on the road.

Back to the game.

Hackett, while being criticized for his low save percentage numbers and soft goals, came through when it mattered most. The Aeros just bombed away on Jeremy Smith again, and it worked to the tune of three third period goals, including the second goal, which was just a gift from Smith to all Aeros fans in Houston.

Now it's Aeros vs. Hamilton for the right to skate for the Calder Cup. First two in Houston this Friday and Sunday; then on to Hamilton for Games 3-5 next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Then back to Houston for games 6 and 7 on Sunday and Tuesday.

Who is your MVP for the series? Carson McMillan, Robbie Earl, Matt Hackett? I just don't know who gets the edge in my book ... this was a total team effort.

OK, Aeros roundtable, the floor is yours.


ICEVET said...

In March, Patrick O'Sullivan told Joe O'Donnell (Interview) that he was very proud to be on "this special team"...and so it has proven to be.

Matt Hackett probably played his BEST game as an Aero, tonight, and has met one of the biggest challenges of his professional career.

It would be a great accomplishment for each member of "this special team" to be able to hoist the Calder Cup, but a lot of hard work lies ahead.

Ironically, standing in the immediate path is the Aeros "old nemesis", 28-year old Drew MacIntyre, a veteran of 7 AHL seasons and 5 AHL teams, including the Admirals in the 2008-9 season.....he just gets better every year.

Currently ranked as the No. 1 Calder netminder, MacIntyre did not actually join Hamilton until the Nigel Dauwes trade in late February. That said, the Aeros found a way to get past him in Milwaukee (2 years ago) and have an excellent chance of doing it, again, with home-ice advantage.

The Aeros and the coaches should be very PROUD of what they have accomplished, thus far.

Go Aeros!!!

John Royal said...

My MVP is Colton Gillies.

Forecheck said...

Several MVP possibilities - Gillies, Earl come to mind. And I wouldn't count out Yeosy.

But it definitely was a team effort (or lack thereof in a couple of games). That's what makes the Aeros so dangerous.