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Sunday, May 15, 2011

View From The Press Box -- Aeros Take 2-0 Series Lead on Hamilton

Colton Gillies with the game winner.

The Aeros played an overall better game tonight in defeating Hamilton 3-2 this afternoon. Matt Hackett played another good game, and the Aeros were able to find more ways to get the puck past Drew MacIntyre, which was supposed to be impossible.

The Aeros aren't out of the woods yet. They now have three games to play in Hamilton, and they're looking a bit beat up. All that's known on Brett Bulmer was a cryptic "he's out" that I got from the team before the game. But whether that was just for the game or the series is a question mark, though after seeing him on crutches after the game, I'm not expecting him back on Tuesday.

As for Carson McMillan, your guess right now is as good as mine. Mike Yeo didn't know and said that they were awaiting the results from the medical tests.

I'll try to get back later tonight with quotes from Yeo, Jon DiSalvatore, Colton Gillies, and Matt Kassian, but since I want you to read my Press story in the morning, don't expect too much ;-) But since we had to fight through a gaggle of TV cameras to get our stuff after the game, you better bet I'll get something posted.

If you're curious, the Press story tomorrow will have a quote from Matt Kassian on Derek Boogaard, but I was also able to get this from Colton Gillies, who was Boogaard's teammate for a season in Minnesota.

"He was a really good guy," Gillies said. "It’s not a good thing."

And I didn't press it further since Gillies seemed to get choked up over the matter.


Forecheck said...

A few observations :

1) The first period looked a little too much like the third of game one, particularly on offense. The Aeros would have done better with a "crash the nets" approach.

2) McIntyre can be beat, no doubt about it.

3) Dawes was held in check again. This is vital.

4) It's getting awfully chippy out there, especially for the playoffs.

Which loeads to my final point :

5) Good grief, AHL - what are you thinking when you are making assignments of officials to the Calder Cup playoff games? You should be assigning the elite crews to these two series. Tonight's game was approaching horrible by both the referees and the linesmen.

I mean how can two officials NOT call White for boarding when he hammers our guy face first into the boards from behind at the whistle?

If you want us fans continue to take your playoffs and league seriously, make sure that NHL-capable officials are working these critical series. If this crew is the future of the NHL, then I (who have been watching playoff hockey for 40+ years) feel sad for the NHL's future.

B2Bomber said...

I missed McMillan's departure. What caused the injury?

I thought the guys came out a little ramped and unfocused but settled into their game as the first period rolled along.

I agree with Forecheck. The linesmen were damned annoying on face offs and the officiating was down right horrendous.

Forecheck said...

@B2 - Looks like Macker got hurt throwing a check into the boards.

ICEVET said...

Aeros Fans have witnessed a marked DECLINE in the quality of officiating (both referees and linesmen) during the 2010-11 season (AHL's 75th Season), a problem continuing into the Calder Playoffs.

In fairness to AHL officials trying to control very physical games between very talented teams, there will always be human error and fans will always be subjective...BUT, IMO tonight's performance stands as a real embarrassment to the League.

Please comment (if you know) on how the AHL (i) pre-selects its playoff crews for each game and (ii) reviews their performance, post-game.

Go Aeros!!!

Forecheck said...

@John -

BTW, your caption is incorrect. According to the sports guy on Ch. 11 this morning, it was "Colton Giles" who scored.

Why I didn't change the channel when I noticed it was the Ch 11 morning news team is beyond me. Apart from the weather guy, the rest could easily be AHL referees.

Unsportsmanlike said...

Well, at least they're getting attention. We can demand accuracy next. I'm still trying to get over the Rivermen's Twitterer repeatedly announcing that Jeff Hackett would be in net for the Aeros.

B2Bomber said...

I didn't get up in time to watch the local news this morning but Ch 13 did a good job covering the Aeros last night.

Anonymous said...

Last night there was good coverage from local NBC, CBS and ABC stations. All showed a film clip of Gilles' goal. Clips of interviews with Yeo, Bagnall and Hackett were also featured by a couple of the stations...can't recall which did what.