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Thursday, May 19, 2011

As go my hormones, so go the Aeros

So, one of the really shitty things about being a gal is having PMS. For some, it's cramps or bloating or headaches.

For me, it's one day a month of a venom charging through my veins that's potent enough to take down a grizzly before he can even say, "Someone's been eating my porridge."

Well, today was that day. The day where, in spite of my blooming irritability, I nervously envisioned both Binghamton and Houston winning and then my happy ass writing the series preview: Aeros v. BSens. Oh, it was going to be rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and chocolate ice cream! Brusty's coming! Brusty's coming!!!

The Aeros did WHAT NOW???? Hang on while I sharpen my claws.

So to say that the Aeros 8-1 implosion in Hamilton tonight didn't sit well with me is a gross understatement (nor did the repeated "Hey, it's just 3-1" or "It's just a game" or other attempts at logic that made me want to start throwing knives).

My logical brain is still there. It says the same things everyone else is saying. Hey, it's 3-1. Still plenty of hockey. Resilient team. And hey, Binghamton advanced with a 4-3 OT win to sweep the Checkers. So, you're happy for Brusty and Locker and beautiful, beautiful Cody Bass, right?

And the hockey player side of me is saying, Hey, they're human. We all have bad games. Pressure gets to you. You get it back next time. That's the beauty of playoffs. Another chance is just around the corner. And maybe Ryan White will break his leg.

But logic, when I'm in this venomous state, is irrelevant and makes me want to punch in the face anybody who thinks a little, "You should be happy they're up 3-1!" should insta-fix my bitter demeanor.

So, before I attempt to shed some light on this thing, can I get a, Hell yeah, Ms.C, that game effing sucked! And while I still believe in this team, I'm really pretty annoyed, too! *fist bump*?

That's all I want. 

Deep breath.

Now, what to take away from this that would help us be less annoyed without being condescending and minimizing my massively out of line feelings of disappointment....

Well, the Aeros ARE, in fact, up 3-1. Teams in all sports of all talent levels occasionally shit the bed and it doesn't mean anything in the long run.

We have seen Hackett's resiliency (resilience?.. help me out, grammar police) over and over and over this season. He's been very good and, honest to god, nobody's as good as he's been every single day. Particularly not when you're facing back-to-backs, tired legs, tired minds, and that inner pressure that says, "FINISH THEM" rather than saying, "STICK TO THE PROCESS."

I thought the Aeros looked tired. The want was there, but the legs and bodies and minds were just sloppy in the execution. A good rest tomorrow should do wonders.

Good things that happened:
  • Tordjman wasn't any worse than Hackett, sooooo... okay, maybe that's not a good thing as much as a push. But maybe there's an eventual upside to finally getting him in a game for the first time since April 1.
  • The 5 minute major penalty on Gillies was beautifully killed. 
  • The boys played hard to the end, at least the parts I could still stand to glimpse at near the end.
  • Falker punched Ryan White in the face. If one of you guys is reading this, can you please give him a hug for me for that? Seriously. Nobody deserves a punch in the face more. White's the worst.
That's about it. The boys sound really resolute and ready to step up Friday in their post-game audio clips. They're obviously not angryPMSbitches, which means you can trust them.

Also, just because I'm in pity party mode, I got peed on at the dog park today and I have jury duty tomorrow. So... there. Pity party complete. I promise I'll make up for this Debbie Downer shit when they advance. I mean, BRUSTY, y'all. BRUSTY!!!! Ohhh, my lovely goalie...

So, anyway, we'll get after this on Friday when I will hopefully have found my sense of reason, probably covered in dust and dog hair and popcorn kernels under the couch.

In the meantime, keep the faith, sacrifice a donut to the hockey gods, and avoid PMSing red-heads carrying big sticks.

(P.S., If you've been resisting Twitter, it might interest you to know that our very own Matt Kassian is on and lovely as always. Follow him at @kassassination right after you follow us: @3rdintermission)


John Royal said...

Resisting the urge to say that this sounds just like the way you are on any other day.

Ms. Conduct said...

Not resisting the urge to say you suck at resisting urges. ;P

finnfinnfinnfinnfinnfinn said...

More bad news for ya, no Mikael Granlund and lacrosse goals in Houston next season. He will be signing with Dinamo Minsk of KHL who drafted him 41st overall in the 2009 KHL draft.

Anonymous said...

Any word on what happened to O'Sullivan and if he's okay to go tomorrow? Awful game! It's bounce back time and I believe they want it badly enough to do just that.

Forecheck said...

Wow, the Aeros stank as badly this game as a litter box that hasn't been cleaned in a month.....

I don't know what was wrong with Hack other than a good case of "rectal-cranial inversion". And he had a lot of company. (e.g., Gillies, for almost getting himself suspended, Yeo, for not pulling Hackett after the first period when it was obvious Hackett was not ready to play). Did they really think this, or any other game in the conference finals, was going to be easy? That Hamilton would simply quit down 3-0?

Like I've said, I'm glad I don't have Yeo's job and I understand why he shaves his head.

I fear this one could well be returning to Houston for Sunday. The Dogs will be sky high Friday and the whole thing for the Aeros will be about equalizing the momentum they (apparently totally) squandered last night. The Dogs have the ball rolling now, but they have to be perfect.

Forecheck said...

I doubt Granlund would have been here more than a month or two, so no major loss.

sam said...

That was a game you just want to move on from right away. Hopefully they get their stuff together for Friday. It would nice to end this then! Any word on the nature of injury to O'Sullivan?

B2Bomber said...

I had unexpected company show up last night just as the first period was ending...score 1-3. After gracious company leaves I get back to listening to the game and discover it's 1-7!! How disheartening!!! The wheels definately came off the Aeros wagon last night. It's going to be REALLY TOUGH to close out on Friday now that we've given them hope and encouragment......and lots of it!! I can see this series going the full 7 games now.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't PMS stand for Pretty Mean Senorita?

ICEVET said...

With all due respect to your "frustrations", your POST could have been limited to 5 words:


The Bulldogs are TOO GOOD of a team to be SWEPT, and this quickly became clear with Russell's Shortie at the 63 second mark!!

Coach Yeo has said that MOMENTUM does not carry over from game to game, and Friday night will be a NEW hockey game.....Kevin Constantine would agree (his Aeros took Game 7 in Milwaukee (May, 2009) after getting humiliated (7-0) in Game 6.

Go Aeros!!!

Ms. Conduct said...

As a writer, it's not particularly satisfying or fulfilling to limit myself to the minimum words possible... I think that's more of an engineer thing. Maybe a bumper sticker writer.

@Anonymous, I like that. Pretty Mean Senorita is right.

Forecheck said...

Dang it, ICEVET - just when we're having a lot of fun kvetching, you have to step in here and ruin it all by mentioning the FACTS.

ICEVET said...

@ Forecheck

My apologies (to all) for continuing to be a sober realist.

Another factoid.....the number of SOG (15) and Saves (14) was a "season-low" for Drew MacIntyre since joining the DOGS in early March.

Go Aeros!!!

artandhockey said...

Having been deprived of electricity all morning...am chiming in late.
Too bad baout R3G4.
But it is only ONE game.
Aeros will have to show their real mettle on Friday and get the win!
Just really love to see the battle between Baby Sens and Aeros for the Cup!

Anonymous said...

@artandhockey...I hate to be dense, but what is R3G4?

Forecheck said...

Roun 3 Game 4?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Forecheck. I AM dense. lol

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the season, did anyone think the Aeros would have made it this far?