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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Practice Day at the Broome Closet

The Aeros and BSens both held full practices this morning and I got to see inside the very cozy Broome County Veterans' Memorial Arena for the first time.

It's a peach. I'm not sure you could have a more opposite building from the humid, sterile expanse that is the Toyota Center. It's like a meat locker, small, old, full of character and grime. I mean that as pure compliment.

The ice is hard and fast. And the ice sheet is small. The neutral zone is a postage stamp, the corners are shallow. It's a tight, tight sheet, but the Aeros think it benefits their style of game.

"I think we play a type of game that, number one, we create a lot of turnovers, and turnovers are a big part of playing on small ice," said Yeo. "I think that our speed is more of a factor on a small ice surface, and I think that with the physicality that we bring and as far as we want to get on their D as quick as possible, I think it’s 2-3 less strides to get there."

DiSalvatore agreed, also saying the guys are excited about the speed of the game on such hard ice.

"We’re just going to manage what we know, as far as where we’ve got to be smart with the puck and where our trouble zones are and how to avoid those," said DiSalvatore. "Ultimately, I think that the smaller surface is going to work to our favor, allowing us to get on loose pucks quicker."

The other theme from this building is how on top of the ice the fans are. And they use it to their advantage. Heck, they even booed Lehner and chanted "BAR-RY BAR-RY" at one point in the season when he was being played (and struggling a bit) instead of Brusty. So you KNOW they'll get after somebody else's goalie.

Yeo admits it's a challenge, but one the team can get excited about.

"If you don’t get excited about playing games like this, then you’re in the wrong sport, you’re in the wrong business," Yeo said. "We have a lot of guys that have played in the building for one thing and I, myself, have coached a number of games, coached in here in the playoffs as well, so we know very well what to expect."

"I think that certainly the crowd is going to be great here. They’re going to be getting on us and we’ve seen that in Milwaukee, getting on our goalie (Hackett). And he seemed to really rise to that challenge and enjoy that and feed off of it."

DiSalvatore had my favorite quote about it though:

"We’ve heard stuff about their fans, but we’re not really too worried about it. They going to be there to support their team and do whatever they can to lift them up and bring us down. So, it’s part of the game and I’m sure it’s going to be very loud, and it’s going to be a ruckus, but we’re here to quiet that."

Gotta say, Jonny D kinda always has this twinkle in his eyes and when he says badass, confident stuff like that, I tend to want to believe him. I'm such a girl sometimes.

Tomorrow night is going to be a lot of fun. I can't wait to share it with you guys.


Forecheck said...

Strange that the hard and small ice would benefit the Aeros because of their speed.

My conclusion after watching Games 1 and 2 in person is that the B-Sens are a faster team. It seems to me the small ice would benefit the Aeros relative lack of speed.

So, Ms., besides hockey, is there anything at all to do in Binghamton? I mean after 7PM when I understand they roll up the sidewalks...

Ms. Conduct said...

I dunno. It's just what they said.

Binghamton... all I've found to do after I'm done working each night, which has been after 9 p.m. so far, is go drink like a fish.

I'm pleased with Binghamton so far. More places need Blue Moon on tap and WAY fewer douchebags though.

Anonymous said...

She said Broome Closet :)

ICEVET said...

Agree with Forecheck on the team speed issue; however, Bingo won only 50% of their home games during the regular season and, thus far, only 50% in the Playoffs.

Interestingly, Binghampton, also known as the "Parlor City" and "Carousel Capital of the World", is the birthplace of a diverse set of US Companies, including IBM, Valvoline and Dick's Sporting Goods.

On a more bizarre note, Binghampton was also the site of a 1975, 30-minute pre-game brawl between the old Syracuse Blazers and Broome Dusters, memorialized in the movie, known to all hockey fans as SLAPSHOT.

Go Aeros!!!

artandhockey said...

@ICEVET, interesting, did not know this despite having seen Slapshot, so that is what the "Closet" looks like,hmmm!
To me it sure looked depressing in the movie! A sad place as fit for the movie!

Did they remodeled it afterwards perhaps?Hope there will be some pix to show it!

bobkaddy said...

first of all it is binghamton, no P....you are correct on the fact about slapshot, it was based on the old NAHL league we played in, our team star was a guy named Rod Bloomfield, who did the skating scenes for Paul Newman, ie Reggie Dunlop..... i was in attendence for that famous pregame brawl, surreal scene as the fight was broken up by half dressed referees and the bingo police dept.....however the movie was not filmed in bingo, hockey scenes filmed in Syracuse (same building the crunch still playin and Utica}.....enjoy your stay in binghamton, they should be 3 intense games.....im ready to get up to the old barn already

FinnBingo said...

So jealous. I have always wanted to go to Binghamton!