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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Round 3, Game #4 -- Aeros vs. Moose -- Photos -- Part 2

I realized I'd not given you a shot of Carson McMillan yet.
Some Marco Rosa.
A swooping Danny Irmen.
Bryan Lundbohm and ex-Aero Mark Cullen
A calm Cory Schneider is about to catch the puck.
Matt Beaudoin rushes up the ice.
Greg Rallo lifts the stick of Matt Kassian.

Cory Schneider with some leather larceny.

Mitch Love is cross-checked by Nolan Baumgartner.
Mitch Love is given a ride along the Aeros bench by Guillaume Desbiens.
Krys Kolanos gets off one of his terrific shots on Cory Schneider. Often times these find their way through, under the arm of the netminder.
Cory Schneider takes some refreshment during a stoppage in play.

All Photos:Fred Trask


Ms. Conduct said...

Hmm, I think Schneids and I have the same pants. So I guess I can't blame those for me sucking.

The pic of Love going into the bench is awesome, not for Love, but for the reactions of everyone around. Irmen and the equipment guy look like a bus is about to run them over. Rosa's enthralled. Hrkac is containing his rage. Pouly's all, "Bitch! No you din't!" (he's my favorite there). Schaef's trying to catch him in his trapper. KC's confirming that the muskets are loaded and his horse has been watered.

Fred Trask said...

I added a shot to the Love bench ride that shows the reason for some of the reactions. You can see he came right at Rosa and his stick was towards Chris and Nolan.

AerosFinn said...

Thanks for the Carson McMillan one! Another face to add in the books. Don't know if you do "requests" here but I can't remember seeing any of Marco Scandella. J.P. Testwuide hasn't featured much either...

The kiss cam at Aeros games always reminds me to this "incident":


(Explained starting at 02:36 by Glenn Healy - can't find anything more on this now, but I've seen it on tv and it was hilarious)

Not sure whether any of the Aeros would be willing to be that big of a pest, but hey if it wins you the series!:-)

beware the bear(ds) said...

Great pictures, some worth saving for a life time ;). Keep on rolling... the camera, not Mitch Love!

Moose Fan said...

Thanks for the addition of some Moose pics! Great job.