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Monday, May 25, 2009

Meanwhile...Over At the Houston Press and a Prediction

Okay, sorry for the delay, but the Friday game story is finally up at the Houston Press -- it's a holiday, remember. And sorry for the formatting as that's beyond my control.

As for what happens tonight, I'm saying the same thing that I said Friday. Whoever scores first win this game. Especially since, from what I heard of the Manitoba coach's partial meltdown after Game Five, I think the Moose might be gripping the stick a bit a hard. So if the Aeros score first, that just puts the Moose even more on the defense. But if Manitoba is able to score first, then watch out, this could be a slaughter.


Forecheck said...

Prediction :

Moose 3, Aeros 2 in OT

:( :( :(

B2Bomber said...

Okay, FC, I say just the opposite Aeros 3, Moose 2!