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Monday, May 25, 2009

Game Day Media Round-up

Here's a little reading for this fine Memorial Day, as the amazing Aeros suit up for Game 6 in Manitoba.

From the Winnipeg Free Press, we learn that the Moose are still cool under pressure.
And here's the Live Chat the Freep writers will be hosting tonight.
And the Winnipeg Sun says Bolduc is a game-time decision.

Finally, here's Andrew's game preview for the Chron.


killerwhaletank said...

I think both teams are going to be out for blood tonight! Can't wait! I may have no fingernails left by the end of it though...

Did any of you make it up to the 'Peg? If not, you'll have to catch it on the radio!

beware the bear(ds) said...

Well, haven't had nails left for quite a while, LOL!

Good Luck for BOTH teams tonight.

Anyone in Winnipeg taking photos?

B2Bomber said...

Anxious anticipation of the game for sure! Once again, it's "do or die" time for the boys in bombers!

BTW, I thought I heard a while back that Morten Madsen was wanting to come back with the team. Whatever happened to that?

killerwhaletank said...

Not that I really wanted it to get to a game 6, but it sure makes it a more exciting series when both teams have some wins under their belt!

Nerve-wracking though... I love and hate this game at the same time, just like curling...

Funny because when you guys say the boys in bombers it always throws me off for a second. Our pro football team is the Blue Bombers, so when I hear "Bombers" I think football. :)

Here's hoping the Moose keep following Detroit's lead, just like they seemed to during Friday's game. ;)