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Friday, May 22, 2009

Justin Falk Feature

Falker is from Snowflake, Manitoba, which is close to Winnipeg.
The Winnipeg Sun did a feature on the Aeros d-man that was in their paper this morning.

Here is a quote from Constantine from the story:

["He's a bit of a slow starter," said Constantine. "His personality is really good, but it's a little laid back and people like that take a little time to get comfortable.
"He started a little slow and tentative and then he gained confidence. It's kind of how the playoffs have been for him. I really believe he is a tremendous prospect. He's big and he's athletic. As long as they're patient enough to let due course happen, he'll be a good NHL player."]

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beware the bear(ds) said...

Yes, indeed, he's "come a long way, baby"..getting better every game, less tenative, more assertive. Hope this continues...Good Luck to Justin Falk..