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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Round 2, Game 6: The Elephant in the Room

As our Andrew would say, "Outstanding!"

When last did the wheels fall so completely off this team? Wow. 7-0 Milwaukee, a goalie run (and if there'd been a third goalie dressed, I'm guessing he would have gotten a shot after Nolan's third goal), and elimination avoided.

So, here's my "being nice to the boys" theory: The extra rest Milwaukee got after sweeping the semi-finals is finally coming to bear. And the No Rest that the Aeros got is coming to bear in the opposite direction. Add a little shaky Dimples and a rusty Schaefer in goal and Kolanos out with a cranky lower body and you've got a disaster waiting to happen.

And boy did it ever happen! But it's ridiculous to even try and analyze a game that goes THAT wrong. Just forget about it and move on.

The post-game quotes certainly speak to a locker room that shares that attitude. Locker sounds downright excited to have a game 7 to play. Man, hockey players may like game 7s but they really should come with defibrillators, or at least tequila, for the helpless fans who have to sit and watch.

The highlight of the night for me, apart from some really delicious steak and macaroni & cheese, was hearing the Pride of Swan River, Barry Brust, providing color for O'Donnell's play-by-play. That's Ms. Conduct's play of the game.

And I hope all you folks who went to the Maple Leaf Pub got good and drunk, because you deserved it for not getting to watch this disaster from the comfort of your own couch in your underwear like I did. Well, I wasn't in YOUR underwear or on YOUR couch but ... well, never mind.

So, to wrap up, my favorite transplanted Minnesotan suggested to me today that if Olvecky came back (he's not), this song would be appropriate to welcome him back. But I think that was merely a premonition that the Aeros WOULD be missing a critical piece tonight, so for Kolanos, who is expected to be back Wednesday here's a little Fray:


Fred Trask said...

You know what's better than a game 7? A sweep, yup a sweep is tons better than a game 7. Try it boys, you'll like it ...


I expect a better game 7 (partly because game 6 couldn't have been much worse) but you don't want to end your season with a suck minus game.

Anonymous said...

Climie seemed to do well each time he was thrown into a game that was about to get ugly. So why after how many months of Schaeffer not playing, does he get the call? I realize they are paying him even tho he is injured, but REALLY.
(j the teacher)

beware the bear(ds) said...

According to KC: to slow down the Ads. Slow down..keep them to 7-zip?

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, he did admit that it didn't work. :)