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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fact Checking Can Be Your Friend

There's this blog called The Victory Formation. I don't really know much about it. I've never even heard of it until today. But today they decided to write about Houston, the Aeros, and why it's an awful idea to move a NHL team to Houston.

I should probably just leave it alone, but they got a few facts wrong. A few facts that are easy to check wrong, so I just can't let it go. So...

The Aeros play in the AHL, not the IHL. That's a pretty easy thing to check. It's called Google. Then they state the Aeros average around 5300 a game. Once again, that figure is wrong. The Aeros actually average 6131 a game, one of the best average attendance figures in the league. And once again, this is a pretty easy number to check. Go to ahl.com, go to the stats page, and check the attendance box for 2010-2011. Then again, to do that, one actually has to know what league the team you're talking about is playing in.

Then the guy mentions that the Aeros record attendance number is just a little over 13,000 people. Once again, as you probably guessed, this is wrong. The team's record attendance number is, the best I can find, 15,552 at Dr. Joel's House of Love, a.k.a. The Summit/Compaq Center.

So if you're going to blog about something and act like an expert while doing it, try to get the basic facts, the ones that can be easily checked at least, right. Because the guy's basic premise may be right and the NHL could fail in Houston. I think he's wrong, and I think this based on the fact that the team draws as well as it does playing in a minor league and with a minimal advertising budget. But while his premise might be right, I just can't believe in it since he got the facts supporting his premise wrong.

But there's also this: if the guy got all of this little, easy, stuff wrong about the Aeros and Houston, then what all did he get wrong about every other team and location he discussed. So excuse the rant, I just hate it when people get easy, verifiable facts wrong.


buddhafisch said...

Hear hear! Great post John. NHL.com writers do it all the time with the Wild. You would think, of all people, they could get the facts right.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to berate another blog please read the entire post before doing so...

That post was a comment that was made over the weekend by someone in another post we had about the Coyotes sale. It was copied and pasted into a separate post because it raised several relevant points. I laid out that it was a comment made by a reader in the first paragraph.

Were his numbers wrong? Sure. Were they so off base that it required a whole post on here to tell everyone? No...however, you took the liberty of going to your blog and arguing small numbers and not the actual point made by a commenter who laid no claim to being an expert. In fact, I have no idea who the guy is outside of the fact that he frequently comes by and comments.

This Matt guy's point was merely...do we need another hockey team in the south, because it really hasn't been a success yet...Not Houston Aeros fans suck. I'm sorry if we upset you, but throwing a fit over a couple thousand people is not necessary.

Feel free to stop by anytime.

The Victory Formation

spencer096 said...

hold up...you're quibbling over attendance numbers? attendance numbers that are pretty close?

talk about missing the forest for the trees. how the hell could you waste six paragraphs on this?

Anonymous said...

IMHO it doesn't matter who writes the post, when it is published, it becomes a representation of the blog on which it appears.

Another easily verifiable fact - Houston is NOT the 6th largest city in the U.S. but the 4th and possibly soon to be named the 3rd based on Census predictions.

ICEVET said...

Historically, T3I has been known for its excellent in-your-face journalism.

However, T3I followers do want POSTS to be relevant, timely and informative (in as few words as possible).

Under the circumstances, a better choice for your POST might have been observations on the 75th AHL All-Star Classic in Hershey, which was not readily accessible to some of your Commenters.

Go Aeros!

TVF Reader said...

TVF has always put up great stuff, which is why I read the blog regularly.

To Anon's statement about Houston being 3rd or 4th vs 6th. No major league looks at city proper population. They look at Metro Population, where Houston currently sits sixth.

As the two writers from TVF stated, it was more about what that commenter was saying, than the numbers.

Move on.