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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Analysis of AHL All-Star Classic presented by Capital BlueCross

The game was an absolute snoozefest.
With 14 players subbed at the last minute do to injury and callup, the game did not even remotely feature the best players in the league.

The goalies were horrific.

The West defenders played no better than stationary bright orange traffic cones, and I am sorry to say that Max Noreau was among the worst on the ice, statistically.

Oh, and someone should be fired for uniform design. I think if you had a contest to design the worst jersey imaginable, it would have been impossible to beat the sweaters worn by the West.

This concludes my analysis of the 2011 All-Star Classic presented by Capital BlueCross.

Go Aeros!


Chris Jerina said...

Going to disagree on a few points:

1) Dekanich was pretty awesome in goal, 2 of the 3 goals allowed were directly attributed to Keith Aulie being a pylon who found it beneficial to look at the goaltender rather than the puck.

2) I didn't mind the jerseys for the "Throwback" look they were going for, but the HUGE "Blue Cross" sponsor patch ruined any credibility of a "Throwback" theme.

3) I enjoyed it more than the NHL game for the sole reason of some actual forechecking (or "fore" since you can take out the "checking" part) made for some entertainment, but the passing was pretty pathetic in the game and reinforced why this is the minor leagues.

Lastly, did anyone else catch Doc Emrick mention that David Banfield's heros were Kerry Fraser and Don Koharski? Maybe that explains why he sucks so much.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Dammit, Chris! I can always count on you to bring up a good point and make me talk more ...

OK, so you are right about Dekanich. He kept West in the game long enough for them to get back in the game. OK, so four of the six goalies were terrbile. (One from the East did not play at all).

Agree to disagree on the jerseys. They looked like they stole the colors from a vanilla blue bell ice cream container. Google that, if you are from anywhere but Texas.

Agree on the passing.

And ... LOL on Aulie. Direct result of their 9th goal, or was it the 10th?

Ms. Conduct said...

I'm on a tear about Aulie today. Bag of suck.

Anonymous said...

Boring. as always, IMHO. The skills competition would have been fun to see if it had been aired here. But why would they put Max in the fastest skater category?

Also, a question...how do they decide which teams have more than one representative?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I found this on Russo's gem today. Sure, sure we both make fun of defense, but here is Brent Burns on why it is so hard to play defense in the All-Star game:

"No hitting, no body positioning, no anything in the D-zone ... you're basically a useless observer."

From Russo -- "If you isolated your eyes just on Burns' d-zone shifts Sunday, it was quite hysterical. He didn't know what the heck to do."

Chris Jerina said...

Spot on assessment by Burns. I mentioned to Ms.C that after Max took one softie from the blue line, he seemed to say screw it and started having fun stickhandling when he got the puck since he couldnt shoot like normal anyway.

Josh said...

Well for me the jerseys were ok there is room for improovement but I do like this format for this league and I think the Jerseys should a team patch like the NHL all stars do.

Forecheck said...

Andrew -

Agree with your revised assessment.

Typical All-Star game:

Most goalies stank.
Nobody bothered to play "D".
All Max tried to do was score. Then again, that's all anybody tried to do.
The uniforms were ugly.
The AHL actually thinks Banfield is good. He isn't.


It says loads that "Limerick" didn't bother calling the game but simply went from cute hockey story to cute hockey story. This simply made him more irritating than usual.

Also agree that the skills competition is by far the best part of an All-Star Weekend - though they need to lose the "breakaway" event judged solely by style, or at least require that you score a goal against an open net. Why not just forget the game and expand the skills competition to two nights?

B2Bomber said...

I'd have to go back and view the skills competition again BUT I do believe Max's time was second best at 14.3 seconds. The winning time was 14.1 seconds in the speed skating. This is from memory so....take it for what it's worth but do remember Max's time being second best.

The game started off pretty good and went downhill fast. I got bored and started doing other things during the game. Checking in once in a while to see what the score was and catch a glimpse or two. Dekanich did to pretty good I thought.

Unsportsmanlike said...

Noreau was 14.391. I think he was third.