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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cody Almond Sinks Peoria

The Aeros just pulled out the 4-3 win over the Rivermen in the shootout with Patrick O'Sullivan getting the first shootout goal and Cody Almond getting the game-winner. The win is the sixth straight for the Aeros, and it keeps them in sole possession of first place with a record of 32-19-1-3 (68 points).

The three stars of the game, per the Peoria media, included just one Aero, Nate Prosser, who scored the Aeros first goal of the game. I'm kind of surprised that Anton Khudobin didn't get a star. Sure, he gave up three goals, but then again, he faced 45 43 shots for the entire game and stopped 42 40, so that sounds pretty damn good to me. Then again, I didn't watch the game, so he might have looked like crap on the three shots that got past him.

Nate Prosser got the first goal, giving the Aeros a brief lead in the first. Jean-Michel Daoust and Robbie Earl had the assists. The Aeros trailed 2-1 after one period as the team's penalty kill collapsed. Patrick O'Sullivan tied the game in the second -- assists from Cody Almond and Jon DiSalvatore -- and Colton Gillies put the Aeros up 3-2 in the third when he nailed a penalty shot.

This was the fourth win in a row for the Aeros away from Toyota Center, and it was the team's sixth in a row overall as they maintain the fiery pace they've been on since Christmas. And here's the note of the day: the best record in the Western Conference, not just the division, but the entire conference, belongs to the Aeros.

The Aeros play the Rivermen in St. Paul on Sunday, then return home for the second of this year's kiddie games on Thursday morning at 11:05.

NOTE: It's my understanding that Heather and/or Andrew will be in St. Paul on Sunday, so hopefully one of them can actually file something on T3I with some actual quotes.


ICEVET said...

Another solid game from Anton Khudobin...his third since the outing of Ms. C's rhetorical letter...can anyone doubt that he read the letter!

With tonight's SO win (8 of 11 now), the Aeros continue to impress all of us as a solid Team, with the character to do whatever it takes to win games...simply call it "achieving".

With all due respect, to earlier predict that the Aeros would "drop both games over the weekend" is of no value to the followers of your excellent Blog. Please leave the predictions to the Hockey gods.

To be sure, Mike Yeo and his coaching staff (and most fans) believe that the Aeros best days lie ahead.

Go Aeros!

John Royal said...

Just a note: that was Andrew's prediction, not mine.

Forecheck said...

Well, the guys passed Part I of the examination, however barely. Part II is Sunday.

They would have made it easier on themselves by not taking a couple of fairly dumb penalties late in the first which were converted into PPG (one could ask if the PK was still in Rockford). But in the history of this franchise, they have never, or at least rarely, done things the easy way.

I like how Joe said the three stars of the game were selected by "local media". Two stars to the losing (home) team? What a bunch of homers!

Still trying to understand the broadcast situation for Sunday..... no AHLlive.... but video on Aeros.com? Which means the Xcel DOES have the technology to stream video after all..... the stuff that they didn't was therefore a bunch of crap (as I thought)..... meaning it's some sort of contractual thing? Also meaning no archives so I have to run back home by 1PM to watch it live?

B2Bomber said...

I didn't watch the game live last night but viewed it in it's entirity on the archieves this mornign. Yes, there were some problems on the PK but more blame on taking the penalties causing the PP goals. Yet I think it was one of the best games they've played as a team this year. Good for Prosser. He's been solid all year and I'm glad to see him get some goals. He's done very well this rookie season.

Sully still keeps us in the game. Enough said on that.

We can view the game on Aeros.com Sunday. I may be a little late getting home to watch the game but hopefully can catch most of it.